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Night Sweats Keeping You Up – A Solution

Having night sweats is no fun.  They wake you up in the middle of the night and leave you with that awful clammy feeling after they subside.  How to cope?

Wearing wicking pajamas – pajamas that wick away the sweat – help the situation.  They wick the moisture away from your body and reduce the clammy feeling allowing you to get back to sleep in comfort.

Night sweats come to most women going through menopause.  Night sweats also come to women who are undergoing cancer treatment, namely chemotherapy.  The chemotherapy often throws women into early menopause.  Finding workable solutions to get through this period in your life helps make it a little easier.

Cold Weather, Hot Flashes

Anyone who is going through menopause, whether due to their natural life cycle or surgery and/or chemotherapy induced, will understand the above statement.  On one hand, it is a great way to stay warm; however, the resulting clammy feeling of cold sweat is disconcerting and definitely uncomfortable.

One way to minimize the discomfort of the hot flashes is to wear wicking clothing.  Sportwear shops carry undergarments of wicking material which help.  However, these hot flashes also occur as night sweats where in the middle of the night you are drenched.  In this instance, the same technology of the fabric used for sport activities, has been designed into wicking pajamas and even wicking sheets and pillowcases.

Some of these companies, also make more dressy tops that can be worn during the day to work and even out for an evening event.  So whether you are in menopause naturally or from surgery or cancer treatment, there are some great options out there to make you more comfortable.

Hot and Bothered – Night Sweats are NOT Fun

Cool-jams Wicking SleepwearFor women who have reached the menopausal age or women who have undergone a medical crisis such as breast cancer, hot flashes and night sweats are a big issue.  There are a fortunate few who do not have any of these symptoms.  However, the majority of us do.

One way to manage these sweats is finding the right clothing – wicking pajamas, nighties, and tops that go from casual to dressy.   They don’t eliminate the hot flashes, but at least the fabric can wick the sweat away from your body and minimize the clammy feeling that comes after the hot flash has passed.

Also available is bedding and pillowcases in wicking fabric – perfect for night sweats when not only the pajamas get soaked but also the bedding.

Comfort At Night During Menopause

One of the side effects of chemotherapy is often a swift transition into menopause.  With menopause, for most women, come hot flashes and night sweats.  If you are there, you absolutely know what I mean – they are uncomfortable, unpredictable and a nuisance.  Feeling hot and sweaty, then subsequently cold and clammy do not make one feel great.  One benefit I experienced was the ability to stay warm on cool nights watching my son’s baseball games while others were freezing.

So, is there a solution?  Yes, wicking fabrics!  Stylish and comfortable wicking pajamas can be found and offer at least comfort at night.  Some of these pajamas also serve as lounge outfits for at-home wear.  Wicking clothing can also be found in sporting goods stores for more casual wear.

Aside from taking herbs to reduce the intensity of hot flashes and night sweats (hormone replacement therapy is not a good choice for those with breast cancer) wicking pajamas and wicking clothing are your best options.


Summer is upon us in most of the country.  Those of us who are menopausal or in the midst of chemotherapy and/or radiation, night sweats are more burdensome with the heat.  Sleep is interrupted due to alternating sweating and chilling.

To find more comfort, check out the many styles of night sweat pajamas and nightwear made out of wicking fabric.  It won’t stop the night sweats, but it will wick the sweat from your body into the fabric so you aren’t drenched and chilled during the night.

Sleep might not be so elusive at a time when we need our sleep for good health and mental wellness.  To a good night’s sleep!

Cancer, Hot Flashes and Moisture Wicking Clothing

Chemotherapy often brings on menopause, and for sure, hot flashes and night sweats.  Very uncomfortable!  One solution is moisture wicking clothing.  There is now available a wide range of fashionable wicking clothing – pajamas, nighties, casual wear, etc.  As the moisture is wicked away from your body into the fabric, the body is saved from the damp and chills that come after the heat.

Explore the different wicking clothing options available.  Share the information with the rest of your friends who, although not going through chemo, are going through menopause.  They will thank you.  We might as well share what we’ve learned from our cancer journey.