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Versatile Wicking Tops for Hot Flashes

Most women experience hot flashes as they go through menopause.  However, menopause symptoms often occur during cancer treatment creating very uncomfortable sweats,  namely night sweats.  The outcome is feeling sweaty and clammy in between.  Clothes are soaked, especially at night.  I know women who have gotten up and changed several times in the night, including the bed sheets.

In this day and age, there are now some very chic and practical options.  They are not just the sporty options which are available for exercise buffs.  Manufacturers have seen the need and have designed beautiful and fetching nightwear in pajamas and nightgowns.

For those who want to look chic in the daytime and are looking for something to wear to work or a night out, simple, classic and very versatile tops and shirts are also available.

The fabric used in these garments wicks away the sweat to reduce that uncomfortable clammy feeling afterwards.  These lovely moisture wicking clothing options are valuable additions to your wardrobe and will help you feel beautiful and comfortable during this period of your life.

Still Hot in Winter – Night Sweats

One of the side effects of cancer treatment is the menopausal night sweats or hot flashes.  Often chemotherapy will throw a woman into menopause quickly.  Trying to stay comfortable during this time becomes a huge issue since taking hormone replacement therapy is not an option.

Besides trying various herbal remedies to minimize the intensity of the hot flashes, wearing clothing that will wick away sweat is a excellent solution.  Most of these fabrics have been made into sporty styles for those exercising.   However, there are now styles created for everyday wear and nightwear for women going through menopause and cancer treatment.

Several manufacturers have recognized that women want to look and feel beautiful during this time.  There are wonderful selections of both practical and sexy wicking pajamas.  Also available are tops which can be worn for any occasion – casual or dressy.  These are made in great colors to cheer you up and bring color to your complexion which is often duller during treatment.

Choices are around – have a look and see if they make a difference for you.

Night Sweats – Yuck! Is there Help?

Wicking clothing has been around for a while in the sporting industry for those who work out and sweat.  Since sportswear is not always our first option for nightwear, companies who understand our dilemma have taken the fabric technology and fashioned some very chic and feminine nightwear.   The wicking fabric now combats the hot flashes and night sweats which come with menopause or menopause induced by cancer treatment.

Many styles and options are available in wicking pajamas, nightgowns, pajama sets (short and long) – whatever you need depending on where you live.  Even in the coldest of climates, night sweats still happen and wearing a nightgown or pajama that will wick away the sweat helps immensely.

Hot and Humid – Relief with Wicking PJ’s

Some areas of our country are getting hot and humid weather.  Even with air-conditioning, having wicking pajamas that will minimize the discomfort of night sweats is a bonus.  Night sweats are one of the side effects of not only menopause, but also cancer therapies.  Often chemotherapy will throw a woman directly into menopause and night sweats, even day sweats become common.

There are some wonderful options out there for wicking pajamas and nightgowns.  You can also find wicking daywear – look to the sporting industry although the styles will be more causual.  Manufacturers of wicking pajamas also have some stylish tops for daytime wear.  Have a look and find a style that suits you.  You might as well be comfortable.

Not only for Night Sweats

Night sweats also happen during the day – called hot flashes.  Still the same problem – what to wear that will absorb the wetness and not make you feel clammy afterwards.  Wicking material seems to be the solution.  There are options in the sportwear industry in exercise wear.  However, sometimes it is nice to be able to put on something a little dressier.

Look for clothes designed for night sweats.  Some manufacturers also carry a line of dressier T-shirts (short and long sleeve) that you can dress up or down.

Great option for those undergoing cancer treatment as often menopause is brought on by treatment with the accompanying night sweats and hot flashes.


Summer is upon us in most of the country.  Those of us who are menopausal or in the midst of chemotherapy and/or radiation, night sweats are more burdensome with the heat.  Sleep is interrupted due to alternating sweating and chilling.

To find more comfort, check out the many styles of night sweat pajamas and nightwear made out of wicking fabric.  It won’t stop the night sweats, but it will wick the sweat from your body into the fabric so you aren’t drenched and chilled during the night.

Sleep might not be so elusive at a time when we need our sleep for good health and mental wellness.  To a good night’s sleep!

Cancer, Hot Flashes and Moisture Wicking Clothing

Chemotherapy often brings on menopause, and for sure, hot flashes and night sweats.  Very uncomfortable!  One solution is moisture wicking clothing.  There is now available a wide range of fashionable wicking clothing – pajamas, nighties, casual wear, etc.  As the moisture is wicked away from your body into the fabric, the body is saved from the damp and chills that come after the heat.

Explore the different wicking clothing options available.  Share the information with the rest of your friends who, although not going through chemo, are going through menopause.  They will thank you.  We might as well share what we’ve learned from our cancer journey.