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Hot Flashes – Try Wicking Pajamas

Cancer treatment often puts women especially, into menopause.  With menopause comes hot flashes.  They are very uncomfortable because you sweat and then feel clammy afterwards as the sweat stays on your body.

These hot flashes are often associated with night sweats as they often occur at night when you’re trying to get a good nights sleep.  Hence the advent of wicking pajamas that will actually wick the sweat away from your body leaving you comfortable at night.  This will help you get a better sleep which is so needed for healing when you are going through treatment.

So, give them a try.  Happy sleeping.

Chemo and Menopause

The menstrual cycle varies widely from woman to woman normally, and the same is true for women undergoing chemotherapy. Some women may have irregular menstrual cycles or amenorrhea (disappearance of menstrual periods). Depending on your chemotherapy treatment, some medications used in chemo may damage the ovaries and cause menopausal symptoms or menopause itself. The menopausal symptoms may disappear after treatment is over, or it may be a permanent change- again, it varies widely.

Consistently, the number one complaint about experiencing menopause or chemo induced menopausal symptoms, is hot flashes at night. No one likes their sleep cycle disrupted, especially not by hot flashes and night sweats. Wearing night sweats pajamas that wick away moisture is a great option for coping with hot flashes. Though wearing wicking pajamas won’t eliminate hot flashes it will reduce the clammy feeling felt after the moment passes, so you can get back to a restful night’s sleep.