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Why Wicking Clothing for Cancer Patients?

For women, in particular, cancer treatment often sets off menopause. Menopause then kicks in with night sweats and hot flashes. These are very uncomfortable because they come in waves causing periods of intense heat (and sweating) with accompanying periods of cooling off and that clammy feeling.

With wicking clothing, the sweat is wicked away from the skin lessening that clammy feeling. This wicking fabric has been used in sportswear clothing for a number of years and is available to wear as well. The benefit of wicking clothing for cancer patients is the fact that this fabric is now used for wicking pajamas, tops that go from casual to dressy, and even nightsheets and pillowcases.

Even though winter has hit many of us, hot flashes and night sweats still bother most women. Our menfolk suffer a bit as we turn down the thermostat and open windows at night. They freeze. We sweat. So, maybe night sweats pajamas would be a godsend for our menfolk – not only are they practical but some are very sexy.

Comfortable Clothing for All Conditions

Wickaway fabrics are treated to pull sweat away from the body to quickly evaporate through the textile. As can be imagined, this makes them ideal for workout clothing and active wear. Their pragmatic uses don’t end there, however. Products such as wicking pajamas and clothing have become popular for women who experience hot flashes and night sweats, as they help moisture evaporate and keep the wearer cool. Here are some of the most popular applications for wicking fabrics.
~ outdoor sun protective apparel
~ pajamas
~ beach apparel
~ running and cycling jerseys
~ shirts for fishermen and kids who love playing outside