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Mastectomy or Lumpectomy – Soft Undergarments Needed

Something often forgotten in the shock of getting a cancer diagnosis are some of the little things which become big things.  One of these is proper garments after the surgery, whether it is a mastectomy or a lumpectomy.  With either surgery, you will have drains and bandaging.  Nowadays, you are sent home from the hospital within a day so the drains are still there and need to be managed.

Having a proper mastectomy camisole makes life much easier.  There is room for the bandages and a drain pouch so you can be discreetly mobile.  The camisoles are made of soft cotton, some with velcro fastenings at the front if you are having mobility issues with your arm after node dissection.  Also some have no seams at the side eliminating the friction on incisions.  These mastectomy camisoles are then convertible to wear with breast forms once you have healed from the surgery.

Great Tops for Mastectomy Wearers

No need to sacrifice style and comfort after a mastectomy.  Yes, at first, you are sore and it might be a challenge to adjust to your new image.  However, there are lots of options available on the market that provide the support you need for prosthesis and the subsequent comfort and ease of wear.

Sometimes it’s nice to just wear a top without a bra or in this case, have a bra built in.  I remember the wonderful summer dresses with built in bras.  I had several – they were so easy to wear and comfortable, especially in hot, muggy weather.

Take some time and have a look around.  There beautiful toppers to dress up jeans, wear for lounging or exercise wear.  A mastectomy camisole can serve the same purpose (top and bra combined) under a jacket or sweater and be very dressy.

Feel Sexy in a Mastectomy Bra Nightgown

Feeling good about oneself after a mastectomy, especially in intimate situations, can be a challenge.  Finding something to wear that makes one feel whole, sexy, and beautiful can be difficult.  However, there are options out there for nightgowns that have mastectomy bras as part of the garment.  And, they are truly gorgeous – feminine and practical at the same time.

Life inside doesn’t change, even though the image on the outside might be modified.  We all still need to feel that we are attractive, not only for our own self-esteem, but also for our significant other.  Attitude makes a huge difference.  Your attitude can take a huge lift by finding the right garment for those special moments.