Nutrition For Cancer

One of the key three elements of healing for cancer is nutrition. What you put in your body matters? It affects every molecule of your being creating either health or toxicity. There are many opinions about what constitutes good nutrition, but mostly it all boils down to common sense and follow through to ensure that eating is a pleasurable, lifestyle choice – not a ‘diet’ which often has negative connotations.

There are many recipes books and non-fiction books on the subject – see Books/Resources.

Some simple suggestions for moving into a healthy eating lifestyle:

  1. Drink more green tea and black teas versus coffee. If you like coffee, choose organic.
  2. Follow a more vegetarian diet – or even vegan if it suits you.
  3. If you still need meat, choose free range, non-hormone raised animals
  4. Choose organic where possible or rinse fruits and vegetables to rid them of surface pesticides.
  5. Avoid highly processed, fast food options. Learn to cook well from scratch.
  6. Choose herbs versus salt for seasoning – experiment.

What you’ll enjoy is food that tastes fabulous, fresh and filling. Your energy will increase, mood swings disappear, and a glow will be evident on your being.

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