Mastectomy Products

For anyone who has undergone a mastectomy, or even a lumpectomy as one breast may be smaller and need a filler prosthesis, there are special requirements now for mastectomy bras, mastectomy camisoles, breast forms, and mastectomy accessories.

Mastectomy bras come in many styles now to accommodate different lifestyles, unique surgeries, and personal fashion sense.  It’s important to make sure the fit is correct and that the prosthesis fits securely within the bra pocket.  Sizing charts are available online by manufacturer.  If you have had incisions on your side and/or there are skin flaps on your side, choose a mastectomy bra that has seamless sides, is made of a soft fabric that will be tender on your surgery site, and has a deep enough band at the bottom of the bra to ensure a comfortable fit and keep the bra from riding up.

Mastectomy camisoles are play an important role.  The first one you need is the one that helps right after surgery.  They provide a pocket for the drain and bag which accompanies you home from the hospital.  Not only are they practical, but they provide discreet coverage and keep you warm when you are still recovering from the surgery and may be cold.  Later, these camisoles can be converted to regular use, the pockets now used for your prosthesis.  The mastectomy camisoles become a alternate for wearing a mastectomy bra.  There are also compression camisoles that serve as mastectomy camisoles while controlling torso lymphedema which some women get.  Also stylish mastectomy camisoles for dressing up jeans or wearing under a jacket for work or dressy occasions.

Breast forms come in different shapes, materials and sizes to accommodate your particular needs.  Look at several and determine what makes sense for you.  It’s important to wear your prosthesis.  When a breast is removed, even if you are small busted, it leaves an imbalance of weight as your breast does weigh quite a bit.  This weight imbalance can affect your body and how you carry it leading to referred back pain.  Therefore, wearing a prosthesis is not just for image and self-esteem, it is for very real physiological reasons.

There are mastectomy accessories you might consider – travel bags for your prosthesis, expandable bra straps, different types of breast form covers, pocket liners for those who want to convert the standard bras they currently have, and breast nipples.

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