Lymphedema, swelling of the arm or leg, is a ongoing risk for those having cancer surgery, especially when lymph nodes have been removed. Once diagnosed, lymphedema is a chronic condition that requires regular care – lymphatic massage and compression sleeves for arm lymphedema or a compression bra for torso lymphedema. The same applies for lymphedema of the lower extremities.

In this section, you will find where to get  lymphedema sleeves, compression bras (also seen under Mastectomy), and bandaging sleeves for night use, as well as care items (i.e. lotions).

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NOTE:   Care has been taken to list products that can safely be ordered online. For the best fit and care, find a qualified lymphedema massage therapist, specialist, and fitter in your area. They will give you a prescription for the appropriate garment to order.

Exercise for lymphedema as risk reduction is also important and programs can be found under ‘Exercise for Cancer’.

For more information on lymphedema, follow the blog posts on lymphedema. Also, visit our sister site, the Cancer Help Hub and get your FREE report ‘The OVERLOOKED and UNDER-ADVISED MAJOR RISK OF CANCER TREATMENT TODAY’  which goes in depth into the issues related to lymphedema.  A must read for anyone who has gone through cancer treatment, today, yesterday or years ago.  You are still at risk!

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