Exercise for Cancer

Research into exercise and cancer has verified that exercise is a key component in the healing journey.

1. Exercise for lymphedema – reduces the risk of getting lymphedema which is a chronic condition once diagnosed.

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2. Exercise and breast cancer risk reduction – The Nurses’ Health Study, 1975 – 1980, results indicated that women who exercised more than seven hours a week had a much lower risk of breast cancer than their counterparts who exercised only one hour a week.

3. Other Benefits:

  • Minimize and stretch out scar tissue from surgery
  • Decrease the risk of frozen shoulder (breast cancer)
  • Increase energy due to flow of oxygen and strengthening of muscles. Fatigue is a huge factor after cancer.
  • Increase self esteem – get your body back, improve posture, increase flexibility
  • Bring back the laughter factor – it’s fun to exercise, especially with others.

If you have cancer and exercise is not yet part of your routine, please find a class in your area. Also consider programs available in books and/or DVD’s that you can do safely at home. Use them in between classes and/or if you don’t have a class in your area.

At the right are great options for classes, books and/or DVD’s that have been designed and are safe for those going through cancer.  These include dance movement, yoga, tai chi, and many more.

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