Chemo Hats, Scarves and Wigs

Chemotherapy often results in hair loss and baldness. For women, remaining fashionable helps us retain our self-image and self-esteem, not to mention staying warm or shaded, depending on your climate and time of year.

Great options are:

1. Chic chemo hats that cover your hairline and jazz up an outfit
2. Comfortable turbans for around the house or to keep your head warm at night while you’re sleeping
3. Colorful scarves to wear in many ways.  Choose different colors, fabrics, sizes.  Be creative.
4. Wigs for those special times or when you do not want to stand out in the crowd as a cancer patient.

Fashionable chemo hats and scarves for cancer patients are both practical and gorgeous. They will help you look and feel great throughout treatment. And, be sure to get more than one.

In summary, you’ll need one for:

• In the house,
• sleeping,
• dressing up,
• casual.

Need a Gift Idea – consider hats for cancer patients.

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