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Benefits of Tai Chi as Exercise for Cancer

Tai Chi was introduced into my exercise program before I was diagnosed with cancer.  I was living on Vancouver Island and could see myself doing tai chi on the beach.  It was fabulous.

taoisttaichiAs a dancer, tai chi fit my psyche well.  It’s a moving meditation, much like dance.  The gentle flowing movements, so graceful when done well, work the whole body.  The chi (energy force) winds its way through your torso and out through your limbs creating a full body workout, internal and external.  No pain, no stress, no push.  It just is.

Once diagnosed with cancer, I was so thankful I had learned tai chi because I credit the movement with keeping my body supple and strong while going through treatment. It was gentle enough for me to do on the days I had low energy. The movement also helped move the lymph fluid through my arm after radiation and kept me from getting frozen shoulder.

At night, when I went into stress mode, I would quietly go through the gentle movements, expending excess toxic emotional energy which then allowed me to sit quietly in meditation.  I slept!!

It’s a practice you can do for a lifetime, in any circumstance, anywhere, at any age, in any physical condition.  I recall a lady coming to class who had Parkinson’s.  She would sit at the back and work through the moves from her chair.

In summary, Tai Chi is a very beneficial exercise for cancer.  It will help improve strength, provide mediation, be a gentle full body workout, reduce your risk of lymphedema, help prevent frozen shoulder, help you feel better, stand taller physically and emotionally as well as sleep better.