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Sale – Wicking Pajamas and Tops

For a number of us, being hot and humid is a year round affair caused by not only the weather, but by menopause and/or side effects of cancer therapies.  Whatever your cause, it is always good know how to take advantage of special deals on wicking clothing and stock up.

Wicking clothing is evident in the sportswear industry and savvy women have understood the need for this type of material for basic living needs – i.e. wicking pajamas, dressier tops, pillowcases.  For sure they make a huge difference in comfort.  No longer do you have to wake up to sticky and clammy.  The fabric in these garments will wick the sweat away from your body helping you achieve a better nights sleep and more comfort for daywear.

A big sale is on now for these wicking pajamas.

Wicking Pajamas to the Rescue

If you’ve ever tossed and turned through a sweltering summer’s night then you’re most likely familiar with, what most people refer to as, night sweats. In situations like this, the most obvious cause of overheating and discomfort is a lack of adequate air conditioning. However, not all night sweats occur in the summer and not all night sweats are related to hot weather.

Can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night drenched in perspiration when it’s 42 degrees outside? Cancer patients often experience night sweats due to the hormonal changes caused by the drugs which often tip women into menopause early.  Men can also experience night sweats due to these hormonal changes and the side effects of the drugs. Fortunately there are nightgowns and pajamas specially designed for people (women and men) who suffer from regular night sweats. Wicking pajamas work to draw moisture away from the body to help provide a cool and dry night’s sleep.

Versatile Wicking Tops for Hot Flashes

Most women experience hot flashes as they go through menopause.  However, menopause symptoms often occur during cancer treatment creating very uncomfortable sweats,  namely night sweats.  The outcome is feeling sweaty and clammy in between.  Clothes are soaked, especially at night.  I know women who have gotten up and changed several times in the night, including the bed sheets.

In this day and age, there are now some very chic and practical options.  They are not just the sporty options which are available for exercise buffs.  Manufacturers have seen the need and have designed beautiful and fetching nightwear in pajamas and nightgowns.

For those who want to look chic in the daytime and are looking for something to wear to work or a night out, simple, classic and very versatile tops and shirts are also available.

The fabric used in these garments wicks away the sweat to reduce that uncomfortable clammy feeling afterwards.  These lovely moisture wicking clothing options are valuable additions to your wardrobe and will help you feel beautiful and comfortable during this period of your life.

Why Wicking Pajamas?

If you are a woman going through menopause, you will understand the benefit of wicking pajamas.  Getting up in the middle of the night, drenched and having to change pajamas is not fun.  Not only is it inconvenient, but it disrupts sleep which is sorely needed at this time of life.  The fabric in these pajamas wicks the sweat away from your body and relieves the clammy feeling you get after the night sweat.

Nowadays, there are beautiful pajamas and nighties to fill the bill.  For those who have favoured cotton, these wicking nightwear garments are lovely.  Cotton is great – soft and comfortable – but it just does not work for this situation.  So, if you are going through cancer treatment and menopause comes early as if often the case, there are solutions.

Also look for wicking pillowcases and sheets, as well as wicking nightwear for men.  Sometimes going through cancer treatment causes men to have their version of night sweats.  Who would have thought!!

Nightwear With a Benefit

We all have different styles of nightwear – some of us prefer nighties, some pajamas, and the weather also makes a difference.  Warm, cozy versus minimal and cool.  Also sexy versus practical.

Another consideration comes to mind after cancer treatment as often chemotherapy will tip women into menopause.  And, with menopause come night sweats and hot flashes and changing pajamas when they become soaked.

To help alleviate this situation, you might want to consider wicking pajamas, nighties, etc.  They won’t take away the night sweats or hot flashes, but they will wick away the sweat and reduce the clammy after feeling.

Night Sweats Keeping You Up – A Solution

Having night sweats is no fun.  They wake you up in the middle of the night and leave you with that awful clammy feeling after they subside.  How to cope?

Wearing wicking pajamas – pajamas that wick away the sweat – help the situation.  They wick the moisture away from your body and reduce the clammy feeling allowing you to get back to sleep in comfort.

Night sweats come to most women going through menopause.  Night sweats also come to women who are undergoing cancer treatment, namely chemotherapy.  The chemotherapy often throws women into early menopause.  Finding workable solutions to get through this period in your life helps make it a little easier.

Chemo and Menopause

The menstrual cycle varies widely from woman to woman normally, and the same is true for women undergoing chemotherapy. Some women may have irregular menstrual cycles or amenorrhea (disappearance of menstrual periods). Depending on your chemotherapy treatment, some medications used in chemo may damage the ovaries and cause menopausal symptoms or menopause itself. The menopausal symptoms may disappear after treatment is over, or it may be a permanent change- again, it varies widely.

Consistently, the number one complaint about experiencing menopause or chemo induced menopausal symptoms, is hot flashes at night. No one likes their sleep cycle disrupted, especially not by hot flashes and night sweats. Wearing night sweats pajamas that wick away moisture is a great option for coping with hot flashes. Though wearing wicking pajamas won’t eliminate hot flashes it will reduce the clammy feeling felt after the moment passes, so you can get back to a restful night’s sleep.

Cold Weather, Hot Flashes

Anyone who is going through menopause, whether due to their natural life cycle or surgery and/or chemotherapy induced, will understand the above statement.  On one hand, it is a great way to stay warm; however, the resulting clammy feeling of cold sweat is disconcerting and definitely uncomfortable.

One way to minimize the discomfort of the hot flashes is to wear wicking clothing.  Sportwear shops carry undergarments of wicking material which help.  However, these hot flashes also occur as night sweats where in the middle of the night you are drenched.  In this instance, the same technology of the fabric used for sport activities, has been designed into wicking pajamas and even wicking sheets and pillowcases.

Some of these companies, also make more dressy tops that can be worn during the day to work and even out for an evening event.  So whether you are in menopause naturally or from surgery or cancer treatment, there are some great options out there to make you more comfortable.

Why Wicking Clothing for Cancer Patients?

For women, in particular, cancer treatment often sets off menopause. Menopause then kicks in with night sweats and hot flashes. These are very uncomfortable because they come in waves causing periods of intense heat (and sweating) with accompanying periods of cooling off and that clammy feeling.

With wicking clothing, the sweat is wicked away from the skin lessening that clammy feeling. This wicking fabric has been used in sportswear clothing for a number of years and is available to wear as well. The benefit of wicking clothing for cancer patients is the fact that this fabric is now used for wicking pajamas, tops that go from casual to dressy, and even nightsheets and pillowcases.

Even though winter has hit many of us, hot flashes and night sweats still bother most women. Our menfolk suffer a bit as we turn down the thermostat and open windows at night. They freeze. We sweat. So, maybe night sweats pajamas would be a godsend for our menfolk – not only are they practical but some are very sexy.

Hot and Bothered – Night Sweats are NOT Fun

Cool-jams Wicking SleepwearFor women who have reached the menopausal age or women who have undergone a medical crisis such as breast cancer, hot flashes and night sweats are a big issue.  There are a fortunate few who do not have any of these symptoms.  However, the majority of us do.

One way to manage these sweats is finding the right clothing – wicking pajamas, nighties, and tops that go from casual to dressy.   They don’t eliminate the hot flashes, but at least the fabric can wick the sweat away from your body and minimize the clammy feeling that comes after the hot flash has passed.

Also available is bedding and pillowcases in wicking fabric – perfect for night sweats when not only the pajamas get soaked but also the bedding.