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Comfort is a relative word when going through cancer treatment. Not only is there the discomfort of the treatment itself, side effects create a bit of havoc themselves.

hot-flash2One of these side effects is the sweats . . .a menopause symptom which brings hot flashes and night sweats. For some, these can be managed with herbs as medication is not recommended for those going through breast cancer. Staying away from foods that trigger hot flashes also works – foods such as coffee, wine, chocolate, etc. Stress also plays a key role in triggering hot flashes because the adrenals get drained when under stress.

Hot flashes also rob a person of a good night’s sleep which is critical for healing. Wicking sleepwear is a great option as it will at least save you from the hot and clammy routine. Add to that wicking linens and you have a solution that can give you enough comfort and relief to get through the night.  Ah, blessed sleep!

Bothered by Hot Flashes – A Solution

frontpagetravel72Spring is coming hopefully for those of us who have endured a very harsh winter. Depending on where you live, spring also heralds warmer weather. Yeah! But warmer weather often triggers more hot flashes which women going through chemotherapy now experience.  Can you find a comfortable solution?

Yes, wicking fabric used in the sports industry has been adopted by manufacturers who focus on those individuals going through cancer. These companies provide beautiful wicking nightwear, casual tops, and also bed linens so you can stay dry during the night.  Styles are available for both men and women as sometimes, men, when going through treatment, have some of the same issues.

Staying dry and comfortable is a challenge when you don’t have the proper clothing to wick away the sweat.  The sweat, after the hot flash, will leave you feeling cold and clammy.  Not fun.  So, it’s worth it to invest in at least the wicking nightwear so you can get a good nights rest – critical for healing.


Oh For A Comfortable Night’s Sleep During Night Sweats

sleepingAs women, we know that sooner or later, we are facing menopause.  With menopause come the hot flashes and night sweats.  There are the lucky few women who are never affected by these, but most of us are.

And, with chemotherapy, menopause is often a side effect.  For some, it goes away after treatment depending on your age.  For others, it continues.

Moisture wicking clothing will help, as the name suggests, wicks the sweat away from your body.  Another solution is to find bed linen (sheets, pillowcases, blankets) that regulate temperature keeping you cool.  Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to change sheets in the middle of the night?

The combination of wicking sleepwear and temperature regulating bed linens will help relieve the discomfort of the wet and damp allowing you to get a good night’s sleep – so needed for healing.

Surprise – Menopause After Chemotherapy

Stress-Reduction-Techniques-May-Ease-Hot-FlashesWere you told that you might go into menopause as a side effect of chemotherapy?  I don’t recall that being brought up when I was going through treatment.

So, when I was out shopping one day and all of a sudden I thought I had stepped into a tropical zone, it was a surprise.  Took me a moment or two to realize – oh my, this is a hot flash.  This is how it feels.

Hot one moment, cold the next creates a few changes in clothing choices and night time arrangements.  Wicking sleepwear and garments for day wear mostly from the sportswear industry are the solution for clothing.  At least the fabric wicks away the sweat from your body relieving the clammy feeling.  Gone are turtlenecks and in are cardigans – layers you can add on and take off with ease.

Then I found out there is also bedding in wicking fabrics.  Together with moisture wicking pajamas, a good nights sleep is within reach.  Last solution is to find herbal solutions and natural therapies to balance out the hot flashes since hormone therapy is not the alternative of choice if you have had breast cancer.

Prepared with these solutions you can ease your way through menopause with some modicum of comfort and sanity.

A Great Sleep Solution For Hot Flashes after Chemo

One ofWicking Nightshirt the most unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy is the onset of menopause for women.  With menopause come the hot flashes and night sweats.  Some women get them more severely than others, but no matter the degree, they are still uncomfortable and annoying.

I recall when mine hit.  Wow, I thought the temperature had soared to tropical proportions in the middle of winter.  Then the cold clammy came afterwards.  I’d already had three chemo treatments so in my naivete thought I had bypassed this side effect.  Obviously not.


Back in the 1990’s, information wasn’t as available and I didn’t know about moisture wicking pajamas.  If I had known, it would have made a huge difference in my ability to get a good night’s sleep..

We’ve come a long way since then.  Now there is many beautiful styles in wicking sleepwear from which to choose.  Sweet dreams.

Thoughts and Suggestions About Hot Flashes During Chemo

Chemotherapy often causes early menopause for women, no matter their age.  I know for myself, I went into early menopause.  One day I was fine, the next day I felt this overwhelming heat wave while in a store shopping.  Couldn’t believe the heat!

cool james shortieThat created quite a lifestyle change. Gone were turtleneck sweaters, pullovers, wool, etc.  Anything that I felt would create heat and/or I couldn’t get out of quickly when I got a hot flash.  Cardigans became my friend.  Easy to get on and off in a hurry.  Cotton and wicking clothing are also options, although at the time of my treatment (late 1990), they weren’t readily available outside of sportswear.

Interestingly, the hot flashes became a bonus when standing around outdoors in inclement and/or cold weather for my son’s sports games.  I was warm – others were cold.  However, when the hot flash ran its course, the clammy feeling set in and I was chilled . . . but not for long.

Night sweats are the evening equivalent of hot flashes, so nowadays you can get lovely wicking pajamas.  Cotton flannel – not the most attractive – work, but now always what you want to wear.  We need to thank the sports industry for the fabric as wicking materials have been used to help athletes for some time now.

Hot Flashes – Night Sweats – Wicking Solution

A good night’s sleep can be hard to get when you wake up frequently with night sweats from hot flashes and then succumb to the cold clammy feeling afterwards.  Then to add insult to injury, often it requires not only changing pajamas but also the sheets and pillowcases depending on the severity.

This is the scenario most women going through cancer treatment, namely chemotherapy, face as they are often thrown into early menopause.  When sleep is a key ingredient for allowing the body to heal, finding a workable solution to the effects of hot flashes becomes imperative.

Wicking pajamas as well as wicking sheets and pillowcases are a great option.  The fabric will wick away the sweat keeping you reasonably dry so you can continue on with your sleep.  Borrowing the fabric technology from the fitness and sports industry, applying the wicking capacity in garments for cancer patients provides a wonderful solution to the nuisance and unpleasantness of hot flashes.

Overcome Challenging Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

Going through cancer treatment – surgery, chemotherapy and radiation – is a challenge in and of itself.  What is often not known upfront are some of the side effects that accompany these treatments.  Preparing ahead of time can help you create coping strategies and reduce the stress.

1. Lymphedema – this can happen after node dissection – either upper body or lower body.  Once lymph nodes are removed, the lymph transit system is impaired causing a backlog of fluid which creates uncomfortable swelling.  Taking precautions to reduce your risk of getting lymphedema are critical as there is no cure – only management.

2. Early Menopause – this can be triggered by chemotherapy.  For some, regular periods come back, but for most, they do not.  Since hormone replacement therapy is not advised for breast cancer patients, finding suitable herbal solutions can help.  Also, look for wicking clothing – wicking nightwear and daywear – to alleviate some of the discomfort of sweating with the accompanying chill afterwards.

3.  Fatigue – exercise is the antidote.  As strange as it may sound, exercising will help you increase oxygen uptake, increase blood flow, reduce your risk of lymphedema and elevate self-esteem.  Something as simple as a brisk walk.  Or, join an exercise class with a group that understands your cancer needs – Healthy-Steps. Find a buddy to join you, especially for the days you don’t feel like getting out there.

You will get through this time much easier with some thought to coping with cancer ahead of time.

What About Wicking Sheets for Hot Flashes?

With chemotherapy comes menopause whether you are near that age or not.  And, along with menopause, come hot flashes and night sweats.  Very uncomfortable.

There are wonderful fabrics out there now that wick away sweat so you don’t have that clammy feeling after the hot flash.  The sportswear industry picked them up first, but with the advent of so many women going through menopause, wicking fabrics are used for lovely nightwear.

Although the wicking fabric works well for your nightwear, having sheets and pillowcases that also wick sweat gives one an added level of comfort.  Then consider not only sheets, but also pillowcases, mattress pads and blankets.

Whatever promotes a good night’s sleep is worth it’s weight in gold.  Sleep is an important aspect of healing.  Being awakened many times in the night with hot flashes disturbs sleep and impairs the body’s ability to heal.

A great place to look for solutions:
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Hot Flashes – Try Wicking Pajamas

Cancer treatment often puts women especially, into menopause.  With menopause comes hot flashes.  They are very uncomfortable because you sweat and then feel clammy afterwards as the sweat stays on your body.

These hot flashes are often associated with night sweats as they often occur at night when you’re trying to get a good nights sleep.  Hence the advent of wicking pajamas that will actually wick the sweat away from your body leaving you comfortable at night.  This will help you get a better sleep which is so needed for healing when you are going through treatment.

So, give them a try.  Happy sleeping.