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Skin Care and Cancer

Cancer treatments, by their very nature, affect the skin.  The texture, color and elasticity change along with sensitivity to sun.  We pay attention to the food we put in our bodies ensuring that it is high quality, low in toxins, and pesticide free.  What we sometimes forget is the chemicals that we absorb through our skin and the importance of holistic, organic skin care products.

Recently, I found a Holistic Organic Skin Treatment product line developed by Dr. Alkaitis.  During his research on plants and cancer, Dr. Alkaitis found that there is a definite correlation between synthetic chemicals and disease, including cancer.

Irritants such as perfumes and the synthetic chemicals, fillers, etc., can also cause skin irritations, something one wants to avoid when going through treatment.  What works going through treatment is also what will work ongoing.  Once you’ve experienced wholesome products, it is very difficult to go back and settle for less.  It’s well worth your time to experience the difference for yourself.

Exercise for Lymphedema

While there is no cure for lymphedema, there are several ways to reduce the risks and promote decongestion in your limbs. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is through exercise for lymphedema. When you exercise, the movements of your body increase the lymph flow rate which is an essential component of complete decongestive therapy.

This increase in circulation will reduce swelling by increasing the lymph flow and moving it from the affected area into the bloodstream. And aside from the direct benefits for lymphedema, regular exercise will obviously improve your overall well-being too. There are myraid exercises prescribed to lymphedema sufferers, but it is important to consult your physician before undertaking any program.  Surgery for breast reconstruction may mean waiting until a certain level of healing has occurred.

Hats Create Fashion Flair During Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy often causes hair to fall out, leaving you a little less stylish than before treatment.  For women, this is more problematic than for men, however that doesn’t mean men are less affected.  It’s just that for men, bald is more common and accepted by society.

It’s important to feel good while going through treatment.  This means finding a chemo hat, scarf, turban, wig – something that gives you a lift.  While I was going through treatment, I knit a rich colored wool hat for the winter, and found a way to tie a scarf that drew favourable comments.  Not only did I stay warm and protected, but I felt stylish.

Have a look at the different options open to you.  Play a little with the variety of chemo hats, beautiful scarves, chemo turbans, and wigs that are light and breathe.

Comfortable Clothing for All Conditions

Wickaway fabrics are treated to pull sweat away from the body to quickly evaporate through the textile. As can be imagined, this makes them ideal for workout clothing and active wear. Their pragmatic uses don’t end there, however. Products such as wicking pajamas and clothing have become popular for women who experience hot flashes and night sweats, as they help moisture evaporate and keep the wearer cool. Here are some of the most popular applications for wicking fabrics.
~ outdoor sun protective apparel
~ pajamas
~ beach apparel
~ running and cycling jerseys
~ shirts for fishermen and kids who love playing outside


Summer is upon us in most of the country.  Those of us who are menopausal or in the midst of chemotherapy and/or radiation, night sweats are more burdensome with the heat.  Sleep is interrupted due to alternating sweating and chilling.

To find more comfort, check out the many styles of night sweat pajamas and nightwear made out of wicking fabric.  It won’t stop the night sweats, but it will wick the sweat from your body into the fabric so you aren’t drenched and chilled during the night.

Sleep might not be so elusive at a time when we need our sleep for good health and mental wellness.  To a good night’s sleep!

Cancer Gifts: Inspirational Poems

People often ask me what to get someone who has cancer.  Those who have been on the cancer journey have a good idea.  However, those have not, are stumped.  A suggestion is something useful that also inspires – a tote bag with an inspirational poem – or similarly, a water bottle, journal, etc.

Cancer treatment and doctors appointments take over one’s life, so whatever brings normal is welcome.  Help with household tasks when fatigue sets in, an offer to go for coffee or a walk in the park, your listening attention and caring.  Often it is something that doesn’t even cost anything but your time and support.

Lymphedema: Can It Affect Your Torso?

The SlimmerAbsolutely, yes, lymphedema can affect your torso?  I hadn’t heard of this instance much until recently.  Those who have had breast cancer surgery can have the area around the back and/or front of the torso swell as lymph is not cleared away.  This can also happen to those who have had surgery or treatment near the neck (i.e. thyroid cancer or leukemia).

Most familiar and visible is the lymphedema sleeve which controls arm lymphedema.  There are also compression or lymphedema camisoles that control the torso swelling.  Popular body trimming garments may look the same; however, the compression garments for lymphedema are specifically designed to control lymph flow, have breast pockets for mastectomy patients, and in addition provide body trimming.

Cancer Help Programs

For those coping with cancer, having a support group of similar individuals who can effectively empathize is one of the best ways to manage the disease. In cities around the globe, there are cancer help programs to aid those suffering from the disease as well as their families. These centers offer a variety of community events and ongoing support.

The internet is also rife with opportunities to reach out and connected with other people who are in the midst of a cancer journey. One of the benefits of internet cancer programs is that you can find communities that are entirely comprised of people suffering from the same form of cancer. This familiarity with a particular type of cancer increases the empathetic nature of communication and discussion.

Cancer, Hot Flashes and Moisture Wicking Clothing

Chemotherapy often brings on menopause, and for sure, hot flashes and night sweats.  Very uncomfortable!  One solution is moisture wicking clothing.  There is now available a wide range of fashionable wicking clothing – pajamas, nighties, casual wear, etc.  As the moisture is wicked away from your body into the fabric, the body is saved from the damp and chills that come after the heat.

Explore the different wicking clothing options available.  Share the information with the rest of your friends who, although not going through chemo, are going through menopause.  They will thank you.  We might as well share what we’ve learned from our cancer journey.

Cancer Turbans, Hats and Scarves – The New You

When hair loss happens during cancer treatment, hats and scarves become very important.  They not only cover the ‘bald’, they provided warmth and/or protection from the elements.  Wigs work as well, but during my treatment, I found I gravitated to hats and scarves as do most of the women I know going through the cancer journey.  They’re more comfortable.

Cancer turbans, hats and scarves can be fun, stylish, practical, high fashion, and most of all, a new way to express your individuality – your ‘New Look’.  Try different ones – have several – get your friends to buy you one – have fun with it.  You might as well.