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Are You a Coffee or Tea Person?

tea-and-coffee-mug_19-98262This is a topic with lots of inconclusive results and many opinions about which is better for you health-wise.  The cancer agencies are not giving a strong ‘go-ahead’ nor are they saying ‘don’t drink it’.  So what is a person to think?

Research, personal experience, and personal preference – tapping into your own body’s wisdom. If you’re like me, you know pretty soon when something you eat or drink does not agree with you.  Or if you can handle small quantities some of the time versus larger quantities on a regular basis.  It’s about balance.

I’ve found that when it comes to coffee and tea, going the organic route works best.  With coffee, I can handle my morning blast without jitters and palpitations if it’s organic.  After my morning coffee, I move to tea or hot water.

With tea, if I choose organic teas, my body can handle them better.  Still with herbal teas, some create an acid stomach.  You need to listen to your body to know what works for you.

They do say that green teas, all the different varieties, are beneficial and may be listed as a food that fights cancer.  Do your due diligence – research and listen to your body.





Sprouting Grains for Health – An Old Idea Back

Green-Peas-WmkI remember years ago when my kids were young sprouting seeds which I would put in salads, sandwich fillings, casseroles, etc.  We had the jars with the mesh lid and the tiered sprouting trays.  I tried and used them all.

When my youngest was little, I used to fill up a cup with mung beans for his snack.  He thought they were awesome – fresh, crunchy and filling.  I didn’t tell him they were healthy.  Why ruin a good thing.

For a while, no one seemed to be doing this anymore.  You could buy sprouts in the superstores but they definitely are not as fresh and tasty as the ones I sprouted at home.  And, it was so easy.

Sprouts are a wonderful, healthy, versatile and nutritious food that fights cancer.  It’s easy, inexpensive and something your children could do as a learning experience. How about trying these organic sprouting seeds – alfalfa, barley grass, broccoli, buckwheat, French lentil, mung bean, radish, red clover, sunflower, sweet green pea and wheatgrass.  The sky is the limit.

When Food Becomes Your Medicine

A focus on foods that fight cancer becomes an important part of the healing process.  There are lots of books available with different approaches to what will nourish your body during, after and long after you have gone through treatment.  One I’ve been following is The China Study.

spices-marketMost of them focus on plenty of fruits and vegetables with some to no meats, and various theories on dairy and carbohydrates.  All stress the importance of organic as much as your budget will allow.

Learning to cook this way can be a challenge if you are accustomed to highly spiced and salted foods that are the norm in North America.  It requires using more spices to season dishes – organic spices in particular which are not always available.  Many world cuisines use spices very creatively to create delicious meals using basic ingredients.

A whole new world of culinary cuisine awaits you.  It’s an adventure.  And, gives you a reason to try out some of those ethnic restaurants in your area.  This is where you’ll find ideas for new dishes in your quest for foods that fight cancer and have the opportunity to see which ones appeal to you.  Happy dining!!


Sprouted Grains – A Good Food to Fight Cancer?

MultiSproutsDo you  remember sprouting beans? I do and my favorite were mung beans.  They tasted so fresh and crisp.  When my son was little, I used to put a few in a cup for him as a snack.  He loved them and I knew they were a healthy snack option.

Nowadays you can buy prepackaged sprouts in the grocery store. However, I find they just aren’t as fresh as the ones you sprout yourself.  And, it isn’t that difficult, it just takes a little time.

Sprouts can then be added to salads (awesome in coleslaw), sandwich fillings (try them in egg and tuna salad sandwich fillings for extra crunch) and stir fries.  Sprouts are fiber-rich and packed with vitamins and minerals as well as protein and sometimes even essential fatty acids.

If you are looking for foods that fight cancer, sprouts are an excellent addition to your menu.  And, they are easy to sprout yourself and inexpensive.  Why not pick up some organic sprouting seeds and give sprouting a chance.