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Music for Inspiration and Relaxation – Absolutely!

Relaxing-music1One of the best gifts I got when going through cancer was a series of music tapes with healing and inspiring music.  When life got tough, I would plug in and drift off into a wonderland of joy and wholeness.

We all have different tastes in music. Some like classical, some jazz, some resounding rock or gospel, some quiet and peaceful.  If you know your friend, you can match their style and give them beautiful moments of ‘away’ time.  Maybe it’s music you share together and will help them think of you and your love.

There is also subliminal music wherein the brain waves are accessed to create deep meditation, relieve stress, increase relaxation and deepen sleep.  Who wouldn’t want all of these benefits!

When you are thinking of an inspirational gift for a cancer patient, think music.  It’s a very special way to say you care and want to help.

You Have a Friend With Cancer – What To Get Them?

Woman in HospitalDeciding what might be a helpful, appropriate and inspirational gift for a cancer patient is often difficult.  What do you get?

Suggestions I’ve heard – and gifts that were given to me – that hit the mark are:

  1. Books – uplifting and inspirational books.
  2. Journals – find ones with a spiral spine and with blank pages as well as lined pages.  This allows for some creativity – pasting in pictures – drawing, etc.
  3. Gift baskets – find some that have useful items – could be a self-care theme, food theme, etc.
  4. Music – lots of options here.  Uplifting, meditation, calming . . . so many choices.  I found I needed calm and relaxing to ease the stress of treatment.

Does that get you started?  All of the above items will be welcomed and gratefully received.  Do you have other suggestions?  Please share.

When Flowers Are Not A Great Gift Option

Most of us think of sending flowers to someone who is ill, or bereaved, or is in need of special attention.  However, not everyone likes flowers or can handle the perfume of flowers.  Plants are then good options.

fruit-medley-470However, think about this one – a fruit basket.  Fruit is healthy, easy to eat if not feeling well, can be shared with visitors, and doesn’t have an aroma that may cause problems.

I’ve received a fruit basket a few times in my life and so appreciated it.  My family appreciated it as well.  Not being a smelly flower person, it was the perfect choice.  A great option to other inspirational gifts for cancer patients that people send.

It also works when you live in another city – you can send a gift basket as easily as a flower arrangement.

Cancer Redefines Love. My Valentines.

WIMG_0194 (640x478)hen diagnosed with breast cancer in the Fall of 1990, my son was only 13 years old.  I wondered if I would see him grow up, get married, and have a family.  As you can see, miracles happen.

My family and my grandchildren are so very special to me.  Today, I’m spending time with Wesley and Kira and later dinner with my husband.  This is what I value as a gift of love for my Valentines’ Day.

There may be other inspirational gifts for cancer patients that are important to you.  How did you spend your day?  Who was it with?  What do you value in your life that brings love to you?

May love find you in all the ways that matter.

No Saliva: A Side Effect of Head & Throat Cancer

There are a few people in my circle who have or had throat and neck cancers.  As these are more rare forms of cancer, help and support is often not readily available.

By knowing these people, I have come to understand some of their challenges.  One of the main problems as a result of treatment is no saliva and the resulting issues around eating – even the enjoyment of eating such as lack of taste.

Saliva is something we take for granted in the eating process. When it is absent, food is not easily chewed, absorbed or transported.  It needs to be soft, wet and a milky consistency in order to facilitate swallowing.  Even exercise is a challenge as dry mouth sets in.  Having a ready water supply is absolutely necessary.

Dry mouth products are available to help counter some of these problems. Although not inspirational gifts for cancer patients with head and throat cancer, a gift basket of these products for dry mouth might be a very welcome and helpful gesture of caring and concern.


What Do You Give Someone Going Through Cancer?

I hear this question all the time. People want to help their loved one, family member and/or friend, but don’t really understand what might be helpful and appropriate.

Here are some suggestions, both practical and inspirational?

  1. Create a ‘food network’ to supply food on a rotating schedule. Treatment creates fatigue. Those going through cancer have enough trouble getting through the day without having to then think of what to either make for themselves or their family. Soups, stews, muffins, etc. – all excellent. The are easy to heat up and/or nourishing when the appetite is low.
  2.  A journal, books, meditation CDs/DVDs always work.
  3. Inspirational Gifts; by way of gift baskets with a few items specially chosen for cancer patients. This way you don’t have to think about what to include. That part is done for you by somneone who has the knowledge.
  4. Time – your time – to take their children for a half day, to drive them to appointments, to go for a walk, coffee, whatever and listen.

There are many more ways depending on the individual. Just the fact that you are there for them is a gift. They will feel your caring and love – much needed at this time.

Music to Heal the Soul During Cancer

As a dancer, music was and is a huge part of my life.

Life was busy when I was young – dance classes, singing lessons, school & homework, teaching dance classes, being in productions – and when I had time, a social life.  Overwhelm used to hit me often so to relax and de-stress, I used to head to our basement rec room, put on a stack of classical records and lie down.  An hour later, the world looked right again.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, healing music and meditation once again became a key element of my healing journey.  I’d don earphones and transport myself to another plane on the waves of healing music during chemotherapy.  In the dark of night when my fears and uncertainties slipped out, I would put on my earphones and listen to calm my soul.

There is much research into the healing benefits of music and/or sound.  Have you ever had chills run up your spine when you listened to music that you loved.  That’s energy – healing energy.  It is a physical reaction that will also stir emotional responses in your body which in turn facilitates healing.

Music for Healingand meditation make a wonderful addition to your books resources for cancer patients – and can be a special gift that will make someone’s day.  When I was going through treatment, friends and family would frequently send me CD’s of music they knew would lift my spirit.  They were special treasures!

What to Gift Someone Going Through Cancer

This question often comes up when I speak with those who have a family member or friend going through cancer.  They just aren’t sure what will be helpful at this time.  Where the person is on the cancer journey also matters.  What is appropriate?

Consider a gift basket with inspirational gifts for cancer patients.  These healing baskets save you the work of trying to figure out what would be helpful, have different themes, are focused for gender, age and/or specific issue, etc..

And, if you live distant from the person you want to support, what a wonderful way to say ‘I Care’, ‘I’m Here For You’.

Healing Baskets provides gifts to comfort and support the broken hearted. From sympathy, and loss to cancer, get well, divorce and caregiving. Our gifts encourage, comfort and inspire.

What to Get Someone Going Through Cancer

This is always a question I’m asked by family and friends of those going through cancer.  What do they need?  What would be helpful?

Here are a few ideas for inspirational gifts for cancer patients that will tickle your imagination:

1. Stainless Steel Water Bottle – most people carry one with them to treatment or wherever they go.  Find one with an inspirational message to help lift their spirits.

2. Journal – place to thoughts, notes, ideas, emotions, etc.  Get a beautiful pen to go with it.

3. Tote Bag – to carry a book, water bottle, journal, etc. to while away the time spent in doctor’s offices, waiting rooms, etc.

These are just a few ideas to get you started.  Watch for upcoming blogs with more ideas.

Poems of Encouragement

Everyone experiences moments in life that are less than ideal; for some they could even be described as depressing, gloomy or blue. But the important thing to remember is that everyone must take in the bad with the good; after all, it’s the not-so-great moments that allow us to really enjoy the true pleasures in life. However, it never hurts to have a few words of encouragement along the way, no matter what your grievance may be.

I enjoy helping others through their hard times because it makes my own problems seem pale in comparison with their hardships. For example, my Aunt Kelly was diagnosed with Leukemia about four years ago. Since then she’s received all sorts of extensive treatments that weaken her body and her spirits from time to time. Therefore, I like to write her lots of inspirational poems to help comfort her in this time of suffering. I only wish there was more I could do to make her smile.