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Hope Comes in Many Forms

Hope is one of the many words that come to mind when one is diagnosed with cancer.  Cancer does strike fear into the heart and for a time, can immobilize thought and action.  I remember well.

Finding programs, resources, people, organizations, etc. that will guide you on a healing journey through this difficult time is critical to inspire hope – the will to live – and the evidence that it is possible.  There are many of us who have moved beyond cancer – myself included, living well and healthy after a Stage 3, Breast Cancer diagnosis in the Fall of 1990.

One such resource is the Healing and Cancer Foundation, created and led by Drs. Rob Rutledge and Timothy Walker.  Having attended as a facilitator at their workshops here in Calgary, Alberta, I know firsthand what a wonderful job they do in walking a person hand in hand through the healing process.  They have made their work available online for all to access.