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The Science Behind Crystal Therapy

EnergyMuseComboBelow is an awesome article written by Mostly Minerals explaining the science behind crystal therapy and healing gemstones!

“We often have people stop by our booth who are intrigued by the descriptions of the healing properties of each stone, but have no prior knowledge of their chakra system, and are skeptical as to how stones can effect change in their lives. The following is our primer for those new to these amazing crystal allies.

It’s not magic, it’s science

Our central nervous system is an electrical system, and every electrical field has a specific frequency. This system runs along the spine, and, much like the frequencies on a car stereo relate to specific radio stations and their associated programming, there are major energy centers along the spine which vibrate at set frequencies and have specific nerve centers associated with them.

Seven of these nerve centers are called the major chakras: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow, and crown, with the root chakra located at the base of the spine and the lowest vibration, and the crown chakra being located at the top of the head and the highest vibration. Similarly the color spectrum of visible light has six major frequencies: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet, with red having the lowest frequency, and violet having the highest. Each of these colors vibrates with a frequency that resonates with its corresponding chakra: Red – Root, Orange – Sacral, Yellow – Solar Plexus, Green – Heart, Blue – Throat, and Violet – Brow, with the seventh, or Crown chakra, being associated with white, the color of the entire spectrum of visible light.

With this basic understanding of the connection between color, vibration, and the central nervous system, the question becomes “how can stones help?” They help by providing a consistent vibration that we can “tune in to” much like a pitch pipe helps a choir start on a particular note, thus providing the corresponding chakra a template which, when harmonized with, will facilitate the free flow of energy and can be fine tuned to the frequency that relates to a particular physical or metaphysical issue.

This free flow of energy between chakras can make a tremendous difference in our day to day lives. Have you ever had trouble turning a dream into reality? Yellow stones like Citrine and Heliodor help the free flow of energy between the sacral chakra, the source of creativity, and the solar plexus chakra, which relates to willpower and manifestation. Have a big presentation to make? Blue stones like Turquoise and Blue Lace Agate can clear your throat chakra and help you find the right words.

More and more, Science is catching up with the wisdom of the ages, and recognizing the healing power of crystals is an integral part of this awakening.”

(Excerpt from Energy Muse –

Which Gemstones Aid in Healing Cancer

Amethyst birthstones2While gemstones will not ‘cure’ cancer, there are many healing properties of gemstones that assist the body to heal.  Gemstones work by clearing out energy blockages from the body and heal with positive vibrations, each specific and special to the particular gemstone with the powers that emanate from the earth.  They are, after all, energy.

Here is a list of healing gemstones specific to the needs of cancer patients:

  • Amber – absorbs negative energy transforming it to positive energy thereby rejuvenating the body cells.
  • Amethyst – boosts immunity, reduces pain and strengthens the body to fight against cancer.
  • Carnelian – in combination with bloodstone helps detoxify and rejuvenate the body for cancers of the kidney and liver.
  • Malachite – known to be effective in killing tumors and cancerous growths.  Promotes good health.
  • Smokey Quartz – shortens the after effects of radiation and chemotherapy.  Stimulates cellular regeneration.
  • Blue Tourmaline – encourages restorative healing.

These healing gemstones can be worn as beautiful jewelry, carried in a pouch or pocket, set in a special place in your home, and are often placed on the skin of the body close to the relevant chakras for your condition.

Please note, that healing gemstones are meant to be complementary to your cancer treatment, not in place of a treatment.

What are the Top Gemstones That Relieve Stress?

rose quartzFor many centuries, healing gemstones have been used to promote any number of situations – health, prosperity, power, and in this case, stress relief which will assist the body to heal.

These wonderful healing gemstones can be worn as jewelry, carried in a medicine pouch, or admired as stand alone gems on any surface.

Since stress relief in healing from cancer is a major component of the process, I’ve listed below the top 10 gemstones that can be helpful.

  1. Amethyst (Master Healer) – is a natural stress reliever.
  2. Citrine – relieves stress related digestive problems.
  3. Clear quartz – clears energy blockages in the body to allow energy to flow through.
  4. Fluorite – can bring peace of mind and comes in different colors.
  5. Garnet – is associated with health and energy.
  6. Hematite (Anti-stress Stone) – for protection and grounding.
  7. Malachite – enables transformation, assists in clearing and cleansing all of the chakras.
  8. Rose quartz – for unconditional love, fosters empathy, reconciliation and forgiveness of others, lowering stress and the tension of the heart.
  9. Smokey quartz – for grounding and balancing.
  10. Turquoise (Master Healer) – helps to connect the mind to the infinite possibilities of the Universe.

Whether you wear these gems, or carry them, or display them, they will work their magic.  Besides, they are beautiful to behold.



Healing Gemstone Bracelets – Do You Wear Them?

6th_Chakra_BraceletSome people love to wear jewelry.  It brightens their day, adds a personal touch to their persona and delivers a touch of glamor to an outfit.  For some their style tends towards earrings.  Others, towards pendants or bracelets.

Personally, I wear earrings more as I teach dance classes.  I don’t want my jewelry to get in the way.  But when I go out socially, I love to put on a special pendant or wear one a bracelet made with beautiful gemstones.  The healing gemstones add an extra element of energy and specialness to the occasion.

During cancer treatment, when I didn’t have hair and was working at putting a good face on the situation, I wore big earrings with my scarves.  I would admire the beautiful healing gemstone jewelry I’d see and eventually I added pieces to my jewelry collection.  Each of them brings an element of their special energy to my being. And some have come as very gifts bearing love and caring – in fact, a couple are healing gemstone bracelets.

Winter Blahs – How to LIft Your Spirits

GemstonesWinter has never been my favorite time of year.  Being originally from Ontario, it was often damp cold, grey, and drab when it got slushy.  Now living in Alberta, there are often beautiful days of sunshine and snow with breathtaking vistas of the mountains.  For those who love winter sports, winter is an awesome adventure.  However, for me, I love the sunshine of spring, summer and fall, so work at how to make winter liveable.

Same principle applies when the blahs that accompany treatment get you down.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Wear bright colors with your basic black, navy or whatever color works for you
  • Add a dash of pizazz with bling – try healing gemstone jewelry. – double benefit
  • Find a sport or activity, inside or outside, that you love.  I like walking, but it’s often too icy.  Teaching my dance classes works for me.
  • Get outside when you can for some fresh air, even if it’s frightfully cold.  A few minutes of fresh air will clear out the cobwebs and lift your spirits.
  • Visit with friends for some laugh time and conversation

What works for you?  Do you wear healing gemstones? We’d love to hear other ideas.  The same thing doesn’t work for everyone.  And we all live in different areas – some warmer than others.


Gemstones – Bling and Healing

When life has me down or I feel rather frumpy and dull, I turn to jewelry to brighten up a look, refresh an outfit, and generally to add some zip to my outlook.

During cancer, this became a way to add a fashion statement to my otherwise bald head.  Wearing scarves and hats were great, but I needed to find a style that made me feel special and beautifully different.  I learned how to tie a head scarf in an interesting way and added unique earrings and necklaces to complete the look.

Healing gemstones offer a bonus because they are not only beautiful and luxurious in their own right, but they also contribute their healing energy to your body energy.  Many will be skeptical that this is so, but for those who use healing gemstones, they know – it works.  Plus, you just feel great wearing them.


Gemstone Bracelet for Breast Cancer Awareness

The cancer journey is a difficult time bringing with it not only physical changes, but also issues surface around body, mind, spirit.  Emotional stress is normal, but not often understood by those not along on this journey.  Those of us who have traveled this road, totally get it.

Journey Bracelet

A thoughtful way to share their journey is to support them, listen, and find meaningful gifts that represent your love and caring.  Healing gemstone jewelry is one of those gifts that is appropriate for both men and women.

The lovely Journey Bracelet above is one of Energy Muse designs created specifically for Breast Cancer Awareness.  There is a full description of the meaning behind the design at Energy Muse.  A donation is made to the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation for every bracelet purchased.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, this could be a great gift idea for a loved one going through cancer.

Add Some Bling and Energy with Healing Gemstones

With all that goes with cancer treatment – surgery, chemotherapy and radiation – and often for those having chemotherapy, the subsequent hair loss, it was always uplifting to add bling to my outfit.  Made me feel better and more ‘normal’.

Bling to me at the time was earrings – big ones that looked awesome with my hats and scarves. For you, it might be pendants, rings or bracelets.

The energy part comes by using healing gemstones which some believe carry the earth’s energy.  This may or may not be true for you, but truly, these gemstones are very attractive regardless.  And, I do know for myself, I feel better when I wear different ones because each gemstone has different healing energies.

Why not combine both – bling and energy – when you think about what to wear going through your cancer journey.

And, for your family and friends, what a wonderful gift idea.  People often don’t know what to get for those going through cancer.  Here’s a great idea.

Do You Believe in Yourself?

At the heart of life is our belief system which we developed during our childhood.  For many of us, this programming runs in the background of our adult life sabatoging efforts to move forward if these beliefs are contrary to what we want to attain.

Part of the cancer journey involves digging into beliefs as part of the healing process.  Cancer causes us to stop, assess and rethink the way we have been living.  It calls us to evaluate our priorities, shift beliefs and move into uncharted territory.  It can be daunting but the rewards are immense.  There are many who have travelled this road and share their insights, travels, etc. as an inspiration to start down this path.

Belief Bracelet

To help in this transition, many people turn to forms of energy or symbols of inspiration.  Often healing gemstones are used and worn to remind us of our intention, support our beliefs, and generate energy to this pursuit.  In addition, healing gemstones worn as jewelry enhance our sense of style, well-being, and self-esteem at a time when we may feel down.

Jewelry Perks Up Self-Image During Cancer Treatment

Amethyst Earrings

Self-esteem and self-image can become a challenge when going through cancer treatment, especially chemotherapy.  Chemotherapy causes most people to lose their hair – not only on their head, but also eyelashes, eyebrows, etc.

One way to perk up the look we have become accustomed to seeing in the mirror every day, is to add wonderful and unusual accessories – hats and scarves – and most certainly, healing jewelry.  With a bit of makeup and some ‘bling’ with earrings or necklaces that are close to the face, a chic and/or fun look can be achieved.

There may be some dispute about the ability of gemstones to heal, but in fact, this information has been around for centuries.  All objects on this planet carry energy and gemstones are no different.  Many people have found comfort, and energy wearing healing jewelry.  It can certainly lift ones mood and spirits, especially if you are someone who loves jewelry.  Beautiful healing gemstones can also be a wonderful conversation starter, diverting attention away from the issues surrounding cancer treatment.

If you are wondering what to get a friend who is going through cancer, consider healing gemstones as jewelry.  Even men will wear a necklace or bracelet.