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Quick Headwear Tips for Pre and Post Chemo

If you’re treatment plan includes chemotherapy, in all likelihood it means losing your hair.  Not everyone does, but most do.  And, you what, it isn’t that bad. No, it’s not your normal look which can be disconcerting when you look in the mirror, but it can be your choice to make it an opportunity to experiment with different looks.

A few tips, though.

  • If you are going to get a wig, the best time to get it is before you lose your hair.  That way you can match hair color and style.
  • When hair starts to fall out, just shave it all off.  Less messy and gets the job done.  You won’t have the trauma of handfuls of hair coming out in the shower or bath.
  • Make sure you have some soft hats to wear.  You’ll want a basic cozy hat for nighttime.  Your head will get cold; hence you will feel cold.  Treatment often makes people feel colder than normal.
  • Have a variety of chemo hats, scarves and wigs to help you dress for different occasions.

Scarves are versatile and can be wrapped in very chic styles.  Chemo hats are quick and easy providing protection and often have hair pieces added so no one will know you have no hair.  Wigs are your normal look – or if you want to try a new look, now is the time.  Try out a few different styles.

More Women Wear Wigs Than You’d Imagine

For those of us who have been through chemotherapy, we know about the hair loss that comes with it.  There are many options for dressing our bald heads – chemo hats, turbans, scarves and wigs.  When you look around, suddenly you now see more people wearing these chemo hats than you could ever have imagined.

re588-01-lDid you also know that thinning hair happens to a lot of women as they age?  Many of these women wear wigs.  Our society is not accustomed to women who are bald or have thin hair.  For men, it seems to be okay, but not for women.

Alopecia is another disease or condition that results in thinning or baldness.  Wigs come to the rescue as these women are not into wearing chemo head wear that would identify them as having cancer.

Luckily there are wonderful options now that years ago were either be too expensive or just didn’t look good.  I even remember wearing wigs to just have a different fashion look.  It had nothing to do with cancer, thinning hair or baldness – it was fun – a new look.

So, join the fun crowd and find a wig.  You can sport a whole new personality with a wig.  Who knows – people may not even recognize you.  I know from experience how much hair makes a difference in  a person’s look.  When cancer patient’s hair grows back, they often have to re-introduce themselves to me as I’m accustomed to seeing them with either a chemo hat on or no hair.  I sometimes don’t immediately recognize them with hair.  We both then have a good laugh.

When Bald is Beautiful

Bald is BeautifulThe other day, I noticed a woman – she was bald – and she was beautiful.  What shone through creating this vision of beauty was her spirit – undaunted by her journey through cancer.  She was not going to let cancer define her.

Not everyone can allow themselves to be that vulnerable.  That’s okay.  There are times in the cancer journey when we need to protect ourselves while we heal.  And for most of us, this is quite often.  Wearing chemo hats and scarves, even real looking wigs, does give us protection – not just our souls, but protection from the environment whether it’s the cold of more northern climates or the heat of southern climates.

About being bald, here is a funny story of my time going bald.  My hair was just coming back in.  It was July in Ontario which means hot and muggy.  Way too hot to be wearing scarves or wigs, even a hat, although I did wear it on occasion so I wouldn’t get sunburned.  I wore bald plain and simple.

At the same time, my Mom had just had a cancerous lesion taken off her top lip.  She had stitches and a fat lip to boot.  So, we are over at the shopping mall next to my Mom’s apartment – me with no hair and my Mom with a fat lip.  The looks we got were totally hilarious – disbelief, shock, a smile.

Having a sense of humour makes life so much easier.  We laughed about this incident many times.  Priceless.

How to Survive Baldness With Panache During Chemo

Chemotherapy often means losing one’s hair.  It doesn’t happen to everyone, but it does to the majority – male or female.  Men can wear a cap and be comfortable – or go bald.  Lots of men are bald irregardless of having cancer.

Women – wshutterstock_163011854 ChemoHatell – this is a bigger issue.  People are not accustomed to seeing bald women, although some women do accept their baldness, have beautiful heads, and look absolutely stunning.

For those who do not wear bald as beautifully, there are wonderful options for chemo head-wear.

I always went for the scarf because I could vary the look, feel and color according to how I felt that day.

There are very fashionable chemo hats and turbans that come down far enough over your ears and hairline to cover the bald. Some even have hair attachments so that no-one would know the difference.

And, then there are wigs in both synthetic hair and real hair according to your budget and needs.  In my day, they were hot and scratchy.  Nowadays, they are light and airy – comfortable.  If you’re wearing a synthetic wig, be aware that heat can singe them.  My sister found this out when she opened a hot oven.  Surprise!

Have lots of scarves, chemo hats, etc.  to brighten your day and match your mood or event.  Have fun with it.  I’ve heard some really funny stories that will make your sides ache from laughing.  And, laughter is good medicine.

How Do You Wear Bald – for Women!

This is not often a situation that comes up for women.  Men are more prone to baldness and seem to be more comfortable with the situation.  Women, on the other hand, have a difficult time dealing with baldness.

Chemotheraphy can cause baldness – and does most often.  Nowadays, there are some wonderful choices that are both practical and stylish.

1. Chemo Hats – these are designed to come low enough on the natural hairline to disguise the lack of hair.  Some come with hair pieces – i.e. side flips or bangs.  Depending on the weather, you can find attractive chemo hats to either keep you warm or cool – and protect against sunburn.

2. Scarves – these can be worn in many chic and adaptable ways.  You can use  your own scarves or buy a new wardrobe of scarves.  Make sure the fabric will hold the tie in place, be soft, not scratchy, and the size large enough to make the tie.

3. Wigs – some opt for real hair wigs while some opt for synthetic.  Your choice.  Obviously cost will factor in your decision.  There are wonderful breathable wigs now which are much more comfortable to wear.  It’s a good idea to find a good color and style match before your lose your hair, unless you want to change up your look and get something totally different.  That can be fun!

Lots of choices.  You might as well enjoy the journey and find something to tickle your fancy, make you feel and look great to boost your spirits.

What About a Wig During Chemotherapy?

Losing one’s hair is one of the side effects of chemotherapy.  Where you live – warm or cold climate – factors into your decision of what to wear on your head.  Could be protection from the sun or warmth for a bald head.

Many women choose chemo hats and scarves as an everyday solution.  However, chemo hats and scarves definitely send the message ‘I am going through cancer’.  This brings up the issue of wigs for cancer patients. Wilshire Wigs have an excellent selection for special occasions, those times when you don’t want to broadcast your health situation, and when you need that boost of self-confidence to carry the day.

There are many beautiful wigs available these days at different price points.  They can be synthetic or real hair or a mix of both.  Some women opt for a totally different look – a look they’ve always wanted to have but it didn’t suit their hair.  Other women like to match their regular style as close as possible.  You can do either.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Make sure that the wig is comfortable.  The inside should be smooth and not scratchy as the underside of the wig will be directly on top of your skin – no protection.
  2. If you live in a warmer climate, there are wigs that are also breathable making them cooler to wear.
  3. If you haven’t lost your hair just yet, now is a good time to match the color.

Looking good while going through treatment helps keep your spirits up.  This is for you.  When you look in the mirror, it will reflect back the person you know yourself to be.  Give yourself a hug and boost even on the days when it is difficult.  Every little action counts.


Make Your Own Chemo Hat

Hair loss is one of the side effects of chemotherapy when undergoing cancer treatment.  When the men go bald they either go around bald or wear a cap for sun protection and/or warmth.

Women, on the other hand, are not often seen bald.  The issue then becomes what to wear.  Some choose wigs which personally I found rather scratchy and uncomfortable to wear all the time.  That was a while ago (1990) so I know that wigs have come a long way since then.

The other option is hats, turbans, scarves, and caps with or without hair pieces.  But for someone like myself who is handy with crafts, I chose to make my own chemo hat – and another for my cancer buddy.  There are wonderful patterns out there for chemo hats.  You can make them out of cotton, soft wool, bamboo – lots of choice.

And, if you are a friend of someone with cancer and kinow how to either knit or crochet, I just bet they would love a handmade chemo hat.  What a lovely gift of caring.

Chemo Hats Protect and Add Pizazz

Pizazz is not usually associated with cancer, but it can be.  It is important during cancer treatment to keep your spirits up.  One of the easiest ways is to find some really cool chemo hats – fun, classic, chic, trendy.  Whatever suits your fancy.

It has been said that hair is a women’s crowning glory.  Well, when the hair goes, there needs to be a substitute to create the crowning glory.  Hats will do that.  In years past, hats were a must in many wardrobes.  With Easter coming up, I recall the time when it signalled the call to get a new suit and hat for church on Easter Sunday. 

There are many wonderful options for chemo hats, scarves and turbans.  You can have great fun creating new looks for yourself.  Add some uplifting makeup, earrings with flair, and a hat or scarve to top off the look.  This method works for all seasons.  The fabric and style of hat changes depending on your current need – protection or warmth, dress-up or everyday.

Be sure to look for styles that cover your hairline and are soft as a bald head is sensitive.  Some people wear a turban underneath a hat for an extra layer of comfort and style.  Find your look and go forth with confidence.  This too will pass and your hair will come back.  In the meantime, you might as well embrace the change with panache.

Bald and Beautiful Through Chemo

One of the challenges of chemo is rather painless but nevertheless causes, for some, a moment or two of unease.  This happens especially for women for whom baldness is not normally seen.  This baldness during chemo affects not only head hair, but also eyelashes and body hair that either thin out or disappear.

Thanks to organizations like Look Good, Feel Better who help women with skincare and makeup tips to bolster self-esteem, a woman can get through this time with a little more ease plus have some fun with other women going through the same situation.

Another option is to find some really cool and attractive chemo hats and scarves.  Some women look absolutely stunning and create a whole new look for themselves.  Depending on the weather in your area, there are great choices available.  A few tips:

  • make sure the hat and/or scarf covers the hairline,
  • choose soft fabrics that won’t rub on bare skin,
  • look for washable fabrics as you will likely sweat (menopause side effect), and
  • have fun with different styles and colors.

Going through cancer treatment is a stressful time and finding ways to lighten the load are both restorative and energizing.

Chemo, Hair Loss and New Hair!!

Most people lose their hair during chemotherapy.  For some, this is more troubling than others.  There are lots of ways to deal with hair loss – chemo hats, scarves, wigs, etc.

Interesting, what is often not talked about is what happens when the hair grows back in.  I’ve had a lot of fun watching this happen, including my own.  For some it comes back curly, some a different color, some a different texture.  Unfortunately, for some it comes back thinner which for women is a bigger issue.

I’ve met women who I saw wearing wigs, chemo hats, etc. and hardly recognized them when their hair grew back in.  They always get a kick out of my reaction when the penny drops and I know who they are.  Some women decide to keep their hair short – it is becoming and maybe not a style they would have tried previously.

There is always some good and humour in every life situation – one just has to be open to look for the signs.