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When You Can’t Find the Words…

The emotional toll that cancer takes is often just as burdensome as the physical one. During a loved one’s cancer journey, it’s often difficult to find the right things to say and empathize with how the person is feeling. Even if you’ve had cancer yourself, each person’s experience is different, and finding thoughtful and meaningful means of expression is challenging.

If you can’t find the words to express your feelings, consider inspirational gifts for cancer patients you know. The gesture of giving a gift will say more than any words ever could. And many of these inspirational gifts contain quotes and poems to offer solace during their journey.

Books for Cancer Patients

There are many books on the market with resources for cancer patients.  One of the most recent ones that has been getting excellent reviews is Anticancer: A New Way of Life, by David Servan-Schreiber.  Dr. Servan-Schreiber has experienced cancer as a doctor, and on a personal level, not once, but twice.  Well-researched, easy to read, and wise, it gives a starting point from which to recover wholeness.

Gaining wholeness and reclaiming health after cancer is a journey of many small steps.  It is learning what works for you, reading different books for cancer patients, and finding a balance of what is possible for you.  This book is also available as a DVD for those who like to get their information in audio format.

Adding Inspiration to the Cancer Journey

When a cancer diagnosis hits you, “stunned” will be your first reaction.  That’s why it’s best to have someone with you at that appointment – they will hear what you will tune out after the word “cancer” is mentioned.  After that, people go into different modes.

One mode is read and research – learn as much as you can to gain some measure of understanding and control in a time of high stress.  There are many books for cancer patients available which will be helpful in the days ahead, books that will give you inspiration and information for healing.  The journey you have started will shift your life.  You will never view things the same way again.

It seems strange to say this, but cancer may be the “gift of a wakeup call”.  A time to stop and evaluate, to recognize that life is not forever.  Things happen.  Each day is precious and what we value most becomes very clear. 

Getting insight into how others manage this journey gives comfort and a sense that you are not alone in your feelings, fear, and struggle.

Carry books with you to read when you wait for doctors.  Listen to CD’s or DVD’s while going through chemo or just resting.  You can fit inspiration into your life seamlessly at a time when fatigue might make it seem impossible.

There is a new life waiting for you beyond this moment.  Embrace it and move forward.

With much love and support


Finding the Right Words

We’ve all heard the old adage that actions speak louder than words, but in some circumstances, a caring word is just what a person needs. In times when emotional distress is at its greatest, a comforting word is often the only thing that can bring a person any solace. When someone close to me is struggling emotionally, I often find it difficult to say the right thing. But I obviously don’t want to ignore the person entirely.

In these situations, I typically turn to inspirational poems. No matter what the person is going through, you will indubitably be able to find a poem that resounds with their current state of mind. And while poems certainly can’t remedy the root of the problem, they can help people develop a more optimistic outlook of the situation

Cancer Resources

When you or someone you know is diagnosed with cancer, there will inevitably be a myriad of questions that immediately come to mind. It used to be that reliable information about the diseases and their symptoms was hard-to-come-by, but the internet has changed that. Now you can find a wealth of useful, qualified information to help you understand cancer.

Of course, the internet is just one of many resources at your disposal. Several books coping with cancer are available as well and offer insight and advice for combating the disease. You may also consider enrolling in a support group in your community or taking part in online cancer help organizations.