Christmas Gift Ideas – Healing Gemstones

Breathe Necklace

What a perfect gift, especially for someone coping with cancer – whether it is the patient or the caregiver.  A necklace or bracelet of healing gemstones will provide energy and help balance stress.  It is also a wonderful fashion accessory and can be a conversation piece.

Suggestions might be:

  • Clear Quartz – brings clarity, light and healing to our energy field and helps us reach a higher state of spiritual awareness.
  • Citrine – offers optimism, joy and playfulness
  • Laboradorite – helps uncover untruthful belief patterns that no longer serve us.

At Christmas time, even amid the more commercial aspect of the season, most of us like to take time to reflect on what is important in life. This can be a return to the spiritual whatever your faith.  Why not choose healing gemstones that bring us in touch with this priceless aspect of living – our inner soul.



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