Inspiration in a Tote Bag

Heading off to doctor’s appointments, treatments, etc. means carrying a lot of stuff with you.  Most of the time, you have to wait and a good book or journal makes a wonderful ‘wait partner’.  Chemotherapy treatments can take a while.  I often carried meditation tapes with me and plugged in for the duration.  It helped me relax and transport me to another place while the treatment was taking place.

Having a sturdy, roomy and – bonus – inspirational – tote bag is a great way to manage the bits and pieces while providing an inspirational message to keep you focused and positive.   Staying positive and  involved in your own healing are definite prerequisites to keep in mind. 

As a friend or family member, these types of items make excellent inspirational gifts for cancer patients.  I know many people ask for suggestions on what would be useful to their friend going through cancer.  Here is one idea.



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