Chemo Hats to the Rescue

Baldness is never a welcome condition.  Men don’t like it and for women it is even more difficult as it is not accepted to walk around bald headed.  So, when a woman loses her hair during chemotherapy, chemo hats, scarves and turbans, as well as wigs come to the rescue.

Depending on where you live and your seasonal weather conditions, the choice of what to wear will depend on not only covering the bald, but keeping warm or protecting your head from the sun.  Hats are everywhere in stores, but finding one for covering your head when you have no hair is a little different. 

  1. A bald scalp is more sensitive.  Scratchy or hard fabrics will irritate your skin.  Soft is better. 
  2. Finding a hat that covers the hairline can be a challenge.  Chemo hats are designed with this in mind so you are not advertising bald.
  3. Variety is fun.  Mix up hats and scarves and turbans.  Add lots of colors, prints, etc.
  4. Find a comfortable cap for at home and/or sleeping.  It can get cool at night when you have no hair.  Cotton knit is best.

As your hair grows back, these hats can stay in your wardrobe.  They still work and add an extra fashion statement to any outfit.



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