Add Pizazz and Healing Energy with Healing Gemstones

Dressing up and feeling good about oneself while undergoing cancer treatments is a key component to keeping self esteem and motiviation high.  Not every day will you feel up to the challenge, but there will be days when you need to get out, feel ‘normal’, and look the best you can. 

Adding wonderful healing gemstones in earrings, necklaces and bracelets to your outfit not only gives your appearance pizzaz  but the gemstones also create a healing energy.  Some gems to think about are:

  • Turquoise – a master healing stone helps protect and align the chakras which in turn strengthens the overall body.  Definitely a bonus when going through cancer.
  • Sodalite – stills the mind and aids relaxation
  • Agate – helps to remove blockages from the body and thereby create balance.

Whatever one can do to create positive and vibrant energy in the body while undergoing cancer treatment will be beneficial.  It might as well be something this is also fun, fashionable and easy to wear as in healing gemstone jewelry.



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