Scarves a Great Option as a Chemo Hat

Scarves as chemo hats are wonderful.  Most women have a variety of both options.  Hats you can pull on quickly, come in warm and cozy fabrics for winter temperatures, but also in cool cotton for summer.

With scarves, you add a dimension of chic.  They come in different fabrics, patterns, colors, sizes, and can be wound into many different styles depending on your sense of fashion.  In fact, a lot of women get complements on the extra pizazz their scarf added to an outfit.  Team it up with great makeup and earrings and you feel like a million bucks when in fact you probably don’t.  Sure does give you a boost though.

Try different styles – check out different ways to tie them.  I always looked for styles that didn’t cramp my ears when I’d had a scarf or hat on too long.  Everyone is differrent.  Find something that suits you.  After all, you will be wearing them for a while.



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