Why is Journalling Important in the Cancer Healing Process?

A cancer diagnosis involves much more than the surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  At first, this is where the focus is centered as you enter the activity whirl of doctors, hospitals, treatments, and medical appointments.  What goes on inside – the psychological and emotional turmoil – is not seen by others.  That doesn’t mean these ‘feelings’ are less important.  In fact, they are not – they are very important.

However, sometimes it is hard to understand what it all means.  Thoughts rabbit around in your head.  Emotions bubble up at odd times.  Sleep becomes elusive when darkness comes.  It is nighttime that often the mind turns on.

One way to unravel and start to see patterns of thought is to write them in a journal.  In the writing, thoughts and emotions spill onto the page taking up less space inside of you.  On the page, the subconscious will speak allowing new insights and perspective.  This will give you an opportunity to quietly heal the sore spots, identify areas you may wish to explore, and allow a sense of calm to reside within you.  Journalling is a private way of coping with cancer.

There are many wonderful choices of journals – some are inspirational with messages to help guide your thoughts, others have unruled pages allowing for not only words, but also images, drawing – creativity.  Some are leatherbound, others simple notebooks.

If you are a family member or friend of someone who has cancer and have wondered what to get them,  journals make wonderful inspirational gifts for cancer patients.   Team a journal with a beautiful pen and you will give a cancer patient something special.



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