Cancer Baldness: Tips for Coping

Going bald from cancer treatment sometimes creates anxiety – for women in particular. Baldness is not common in women nor socially acknowledged.  Men are not happy with bald either, but at least it is more accepted.

How to cope?  First, accept the fact that baldness will occur.  Instead of letting hair fall out in a messy fashion, bite the bullet and get your head shaved.  However, before your treatment starts, find a wig that matches your hair color, have it styled and ready to wear.  There are many lovely and comfortable wigs available these days.

It is my experience, though, that most women wear chemo hats and scarves as the more practical choice.  Shop around, find what suits your style, and make sure that the hat covers your hairline.  I also found that something loose around the ears prevented the long wear pinching and discomfort.



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