Tai Chi for Cancer Patients

Moving meditation is often how tai chi is described.  For those who have problems sitting still, tai chi is a wonderful option for meditation.  It focuses the mind using the body as a breathing organism, moving chi through the pathways of mind, body and spirit.

Tai chi can be done anywhere – inside, outside, while travelling, at home, with a group.  Creating a time for daily practise reaps huge benefits, especially at a time such as cancer when stress is high.  Streaming energy (chi) through the body helps combat the fatigue and depression often associate with cancer treatment.

Due to the flowing and gentle nature of tai chi, it is also a wonderful exercise for lymphedema – both as risk reduction and management.  Lymphedema is often a side effect of cancer treatment, especially for breast cancer patients.  Lymphedema can also occur in lower extremeties due to prostate, colon, etc. surgeries and treatment.



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