Cold Weather, Hot Flashes

Anyone who is going through menopause, whether due to their natural life cycle or surgery and/or chemotherapy induced, will understand the above statement.  On one hand, it is a great way to stay warm; however, the resulting clammy feeling of cold sweat is disconcerting and definitely uncomfortable.

One way to minimize the discomfort of the hot flashes is to wear wicking clothing.  Sportwear shops carry undergarments of wicking material which help.  However, these hot flashes also occur as night sweats where in the middle of the night you are drenched.  In this instance, the same technology of the fabric used for sport activities, has been designed into wicking pajamas and even wicking sheets and pillowcases.

Some of these companies, also make more dressy tops that can be worn during the day to work and even out for an evening event.  So whether you are in menopause naturally or from surgery or cancer treatment, there are some great options out there to make you more comfortable.



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