Chemo Hats Add Fashion Flair and Boost Self Image

Chemotherapy quite frequently results in hair loss.  For women, this is can be difficult on self-image.  Finding new and interesting ways to look and feel good during this time requires a different mindset.

I recall my own experience with hair loss.  As soon as my hair started falling out, I shaved the rest off.  Less messy – a moment of being in control – taking charge of what was to be.  Since I knew this was going to happen, I had checked out chemo hats, scarves, wigs, etc. beforehand.  I was prepared.

A few practical suggestions:

  1. Find fabrics and yarns that are soft.  Knit fabric and yarn on bare skin can be scratchy and itchy, especially wool. Polar fleece blocks the breeze, is much warmer for winter climates, and cozy.
  2. Styles that cover ears and hairline are less obvious a ‘chemo hat’ to the general public. 
  3. When weather was warmer, I opted for brimmed summer hats
  4. Most of the time, I found intriguing ways to tie scarves so they became a fashion statement rather than an advertisement that I was a cancer patient.  Teamed with unique earrings and make up, I felt I looked great, even if I didn’t feel that wonderful.
  5. A wig was worn for special occasions because at the time of my treatment they weren’t as nice unless you paid a fortune.  Nowadays they have wonderful styles and lighter weight wigs that are inexpensive and look real.  The cap on the inside is also much softer and less scratchy.  However, most women I talk to can’t wait to get their wigs off and put on a soft cozy hat or scarf.  It’s an individual thing!

There are lots of options out there.  It’s an area where you can have fun, be playful, and wear what suits your fancy.  You are the most important person.  Your choice!!



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