Time to Reflect – What Is Important

Now that the rush and bustle of Christmas is over for 2010, maybe there is time in your life now to slow down and be aware of what is important.  In our North American culture, this idea of slowing down so we can actually hear ourselves is completely foreign.  Yet this aspect of living is so important.

Life is way too short to spend it running from goal to goal, not even aware of the journey in between.  This is actually where real living takes place.  This is where we grow as individuals.  We learn new skills, gain insights, meet new people, find out about ourselves.

Having a life threatening illness, such as cancer, for sure puts you in this mode.  Books coping with cancer often deal with lifestyle issues – this reassessing of life’s priorities.  They cover stories by other cancer patients, benefits of meditation, nutrition, exercise and much more.  In our busy lives, we often don’t pay much attention to these issues.

It would be a better world if more people were aware of how fragile life is, how much we need to take it slower – before we get the two by four learning – a life threatening illness or event.



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