A Mastectomy Camisole for All Purposes

Having a mastectomy due to breast cancer requires a new way of dressing, especially if you have not opted for reconstructive surgery.  Nowadays, there are many stylish options.  Not only are they practical, having pockets for your prosthesis, but they are also attractive.   A mastectomy camisole can stand in for a bra, so you only have one garment to wear.

For those elegant occasions, a mastectomy camisole in a stretchy fabric with lace trim – and in black – can take you from the office to an evening out.  Hot flashes often accompany a mastectomy, so something that is comfortably cool, fashionable, and eliminates another layer of clothing, is a bonus.

Some of the mastectomy camisoles are also compression garments, offering not only a slimming silhouette but also provide the necessary compression to facilitate lymph flow for those who have torso lymphedema.



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