Journalling: A Healing Journey to Self

One of the healing modalities I used during cancer treatment – and even now – was journalling.  There is something very therapeutic about taking the thoughts that are running around in your head and putting them on paper.  Much like unwinding a tangled ball of yarn for those of you who are knitters.

1. The emotion attached to the thought once unravelled and seen on paper seems to dissipate if not go away entirely.   Often a solution pops out or a new insight emerges.

2. I found I could see patterns of thought – issues that kept reappearing on the page as reoccuring themes.  It gave me a chance to rethink and change what wasn’t working – and acknowledge what was working.

3. Messages would appear on the page – seemingly from somewhere outside of me – the universe .  Now you think I’m a ‘woo-woo’, but truly there is a connection between a higher power, however you define higher power, and you.  It’s not unlike artists or writers who have the feeling they are being guided – that they are the messenger only.

I have at times gone back to look over old journals and can recognize how far I have come from the person I was during treatment.  Healing has occurred and continues to occur as life moves forward.  There will always be challenges.  How we deal with them is one of the keys to healing.  Journalling helps us see what our mind is processing.

If you are looking for inspirational gifts for cancer patients, journals are a wonderful choice.  Many times, I have given a journal as a gift to a friend going through cancer and it has always been appreciated.



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