The Essential Foundation of Beauty is Health

When it comes to ongoing cancer care, both during recovery and after, it’s important that we restrict ourselves to only the healthiest, most toxin-free environments we can find. This is especially the case when it comes to health and beauty and skin care products. Since our skin is our largest organ it is easily one of the most susceptible to toxic chemicals and preservatives. When we put toxins on our skin, we invariably absorb those toxins into our bodies exacerbating existing conditions and perhaps even causing new ones.

As a pioneer in the field of cancer research and treatment, Dr. Saulius Alkaitis has created an innovative line of skincare products that can change the way we live our lives. By positing that a leading cause of cancer is exposure to chemicals and toxins, Dr. Alkaitis was able to develop a holistic, plant based line of cosmetics and products for comprehensive beauty and skin care. By steering clear of chemical laden products, it’s possible that we can reduce the chances of cancer returning or worsening, making these products an invaluable ally in cancer therapy and an excellent guide on the road to health, wellness and longevity.



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