Tai Chi: Healing Movements

Slow, graceful moves, fluid and contemplative, stretching body, mind and spirit – that’s tai chi.  I recall it well.  Before I was diagnosed with cancer, I had been taking Tai Chi classes.  We were a wonderful group of individuals, learning together and sharing our stories during our tea break.  It was exercise, learning and social all at the same time.

As I like to move, tai chi became my moving mediation during cancer treatment.  The slow movements helped my body open up, develop strength and flexibility, but more importantly tai chi quieted my mind and helped me find my inner place for healing.  The movements also became preventive exercise for lymphedema as I could feel the lymph moving, especially after radiation.

If you are not fortunate to have a group in your area, consider a DVD to follow and learn the moves at home.  Also excellent for practising at home between classes.



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