Still Hot in Winter – Night Sweats

One of the side effects of cancer treatment is the menopausal night sweats or hot flashes.  Often chemotherapy will throw a woman into menopause quickly.  Trying to stay comfortable during this time becomes a huge issue since taking hormone replacement therapy is not an option.

Besides trying various herbal remedies to minimize the intensity of the hot flashes, wearing clothing that will wick away sweat is a excellent solution.  Most of these fabrics have been made into sporty styles for those exercising.   However, there are now styles created for everyday wear and nightwear for women going through menopause and cancer treatment.

Several manufacturers have recognized that women want to look and feel beautiful during this time.  There are wonderful selections of both practical and sexy wicking pajamas.  Also available are tops which can be worn for any occasion – casual or dressy.  These are made in great colors to cheer you up and bring color to your complexion which is often duller during treatment.

Choices are around – have a look and see if they make a difference for you.



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