Skin Issues During Cancer Treatment

If You Can't Eat It Don't Put It On Your Skin

During cancer treatment (radiation and chemotherapy), skin texture changes.  It will become more sensitive and need extra care.  You will want to look for organic skin care products that are non-oily, easy to rub on your skin, and absorb readily.  Perfume can be an issue, so lotions and creams with no scent are best.

In summary:

1. Dryness and Sensitivity – both chemotherapy and radiation will create skin dryness.  Hence the need for super hydrating lotions that will absorb easily and flow onto the skin without excessive rubbing as the skin will be more sensitive than before.

2. Intolerance of scents/perfumes – find skin care lotions and creams with no scent.  You could try a light citrus or lavender scent – some people can tolerate these mild scents.

3. Powders during radiation – they suggest using powders that do not contain alum.  One good option is corn starch – a basic.

4.  Sun Sensitivity – Chemotherapy most often causes sun sensitivity.  Suncreen and light colored clothing will help immensely.

These suggestions are good ideas for selecting skin care products going forward.  Your skin will appreciate the extra care and attention.



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