Cancer Diagnosis: Cope or Learn to Live Differently

A cancer diagnosis can cause a major shift in a person’s perspective and although not a easy thing to hear, can be an opportunity for change.  Initially, absorbing the reality of the diagnosis and dealing with the treatment options is foremost.  However, as you travel down the healing path, many other issues come up – more than the physical.

Treatment is the first phase of the healing process.  The other phases move into the mind-body-spirit connection.  This area becomes more challenging as often uncomfortable issues surface as a person digs deeper into self.  This part of the work is so powerful.  It is learning to not only move through cancer, but more importantly it is learning how to live well and differently.

Ultimately, a cancer diagnosis can call a person to not only cope with the treatment but can move them on a path to greater fulfilment.  I know this seems a strange thing to say, but I think if you talk to most individuals who have been on a cancer journey, they will verify this fact.

There are many books for cancer patients and organizations that will support your healing.  One book I just finished reading is ‘The Biology of Belief’ by Dr. Bruce Lipton.  Definitely worth your time.  The information will expand your horizon.



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