Can Sound and Music Promote Healing for Cancer Patients?

There are a number ways to promote healing.  With a diagnosis of cancer, one tends to look at them all.  One that is very helpful and easy to implement is sound and music.  Sound has a vibration which connects with your energy.  Do you ever get tingles up your spine when you hear a piece of music that resonates with you?  That’s energy and sound at work.

Several books have been written about sound therapy, especially for healing.  Those with cancer can definitely benefit.  You may have heard of crystal bowls.  I’d encourage you to investigate this mode of healing therapy.

If you can, find a class or workshop in your area.  If  there aren’t any, investigate webinars online and read sound therapy books for cancer patients.  There is so much to learn.  Find what works for you.  It could be sound and music.



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