Basic Chemo Hat: Wear Plain or Fancy

A good basic knit hat is always a mainstay of any wardrobe.  It goes with anything, can be dressed up or just worn plain.  It also covers the whole head keeping you warm and snuggly on the coolest of days.  Plus it travels well, can be rolled up and stuck in a pocket, and doesn’t scream – ‘I am bald’ – as is often the case when you are going through chemotherapy.  The only difference may be wearing a hat on days when others don’t find a hat necessary.

Add a colorful scarf as an accent, wear it under a wide-brimmed hat, put a pin on it or a felt flower, wear really big colorful earrings – the ways are limitless to add pizazz and Wow Factor to an otherwise sensitive time in your life.  Women are not accustomed to being bald.  Even men have trouble with the issue of baldness, but at least it is more socially accepted.

So have a look at various styles – hats, scarves, turbans, wigs.  It’s time to be creative and time to be comfortable.  Do what makes you feel good.



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