Healing Through Music and Story

Many of us, in the course of living, suffer hardship and pain.  This hardship and pain is often buried in order to survive and move forward.  Yet the memory remains with us at a cellular and subconscious level often affecting our behaviour and instinctive reactions to situations.  Sometimes, these reactions are not pleasant and we wonder why they happen.  We can observe in others, as well, odd reactions to seemingly simple exchanges.

The cancer journey often brings up these issues during the healing process.  Being guided by stories and music, the combination has the potential to unlock these hidden emotions bringing them to the surface where they can be acknowledged and gently moved along. 

There are many books coping with cancer available to help you through this process if you do not have access to a trained facilitator or therapist.  These books and resources are also helpful to expand awareness and gain insight into the healing journey of others.



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