Healing Gemstones for Men

Life Force Necklace

Cancer affects men as well.  Prostate cancer being the most prevalent followed by lung cancer.  Since men are not as open to showing emotions in public, they need ways to subtley recharge and receive healing energy.  One of these ways is through healing gemstones worn as jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets). 

Gemstones that recharge your life force are:

  • Citrine – happiness, creativity and uplifting
  • Jade – calming, peace, and harmony
  • Malachite – balance, healing chakras, emotional healing, unblocking energies, allowing unconditional love
  • Chinese Coin – manifestation and symbol of good fortune

There are many ways to use healing gemstones – some people carry them in a leather pouch.  Some place them near them on a desk or table where they can be easily picked up and held.  Choices – healing – always moving towards wellness.



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