A Cancer Diagnosis! Now What?

The word ‘cancer’ strikes fear in anyone who has heard it, especially if it is directed at you.  Lots of people don’t hear much else their doctor says after hearing cancer.  This is why it is always helpful to have someone close to you attend the appointment with you.  They will  hear the important information after your  mind has shut down.

So, the question is – ‘Now What?’.  Life stops or rather goes into pause while you gather your resources and figure out a treatment plan.  During this time, I particularly found it helpful to get information by reading books for cancer patients.  One author at my time of diagnosis was Dr. Bernie Siegel.  There have been many since, but Dr. Siegel still offers hope in the face of fear.

If you are not a reader, there are many audio books and DVD’s available.  You can listen in the car, while waiting for a doctor’s appointment, or on a walk.



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