Health: Can it be enhanced with Gemstones?

Gemstones have been with us for centuries and have long been known to emit energy.  Different circumstances in our lives can be enhanced by wearing these gemstones close to us, as in jewellery.

During the cancer journey, health is probably top of mind along with other elements that relate to health.  Some gemstones that promote health are:

  1. 1. Turquoise – the master healer, protects and aligns the chakras thereby strengthening the body overall.
  2. Sodalite – stills the mind and encourages relaxation
  3. Agate – helps remove blockages and promote balance

Jewellery is beautiful and so easy to wear to lift an outfit out of the ordinary into something very chic and special.  At times when life is in turmoil and we may not feel at our best, wearing healing gemstones as jewellery can definitely created an added health bonus.



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