How to Help Someone Going Through Cancer

It is often difficult to know what someone needs when going through the cancer journey.  Our emotions are often conflicted and get in the way of sharing what we truly feel.  Help can be offered in many ways:

  1. Be willing to listen. Often someone going through cancer just needs someone there who will let them share their fear, pain, frustration – and even laugh with them.
  2. Bring them normal – include them in the daily comings and goings of life.  When they are feeling well between treatments, this is a wonderful gift of allowing them to step out of the ‘cancer arena’ and slide back into normal.
  3. Gift a book – there are many excellent books for cancer patients – inspiring stories, tips and advice, information, meditation, etc.  For those who aren’t readers or find it too tiring, there are always the audio tapes, DVD’s.
  4. Bring a meal – for them or for their family.  Often cooking becomes tricky when fatigue sets in or taste buds are off from treatment.  Both the patient and their family will appreciate the kindness.

These are just a few of the ways you can lend your support and friendship to someone on this cancer journey.



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