Mastectomy Camisole – A Comfortable Friend After Surgery

There are often some surprises when one is released home from the hospital after a mastectomy.

1. The drain and tubes go with you.  How do you cope with it?  Where do you put it and/or carry it around with you at home and discreetly away from home.  You need a camisole with a pocket or holder for the drain and a place to attach the tubes.

2. Your surgery site is sore so you don’t want anything tight around it, often times at the side of your body.  Something soft and cozy is the answer and no side seams.

3. You may have trouble lifting your arm.  This means pajamas that button in front and a camisole that you can slip into without pulling over your head.  Find one that has a velcro front closing.

4. Something versatile that will still serve you when the drain and tubes are gone.  Look for a camisole that has pockets for a prosthesis which you will use later.

If you have chemotherapy, you will doubly love a snuggly mastectomy camisole.  Feeling cold and chilly often are side effects both from the treatment and also from the fatigue that seems to be part of the journey.  Being prepared and in the know helps so you can be ready before your surgery.



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