Why Organic Skin Care?

Just having come back from the hairdressers, I was reminded of all the toxins and chemicals that are in hair care products, skin care, nail care, etc.  My hairdresser was talking about finding a practioner for chelation to rid her body of the buildup of toxins from her years in this industry.  Her joints are really bothering her – a side effect.  Imagine what all these toxins are doing to all of us, especially women who wear make up.  Think lead in our lipsticks.  And, products we use on infants.  Scary.

Organic skin care and make up products are also crucial after one has been through cancer.  In fact, they are saying that these toxins cause some of our cancers.  For sure, toxins are not natural and shouldn’t be in products where they can be absorbed by our body.  Let’s do what we can to create a safer and healthier world for not only ourselves, but for our children.  Be proactive, use organic products that are proven to be so.  To see what is in the products you currently use, go to www.safecosmetics.org.  You’ll be surprised and shocked.



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