Cool Tops, Cool Heat, Comfort

Comfort is a relative word when going through cancer treatment. Not only is there the discomfort of the treatment itself, side effects create a bit of havoc themselves.

hot-flash2One of these side effects is the sweats . . .a menopause symptom which brings hot flashes and night sweats. For some, these can be managed with herbs as medication is not recommended for those going through breast cancer. Staying away from foods that trigger hot flashes also works – foods such as coffee, wine, chocolate, etc. Stress also plays a key role in triggering hot flashes because the adrenals get drained when under stress.

Hot flashes also rob a person of a good night’s sleep which is critical for healing. Wicking sleepwear is a great option as it will at least save you from the hot and clammy routine. Add to that wicking linens and you have a solution that can give you enough comfort and relief to get through the night.  Ah, blessed sleep!



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