Mastectomy – Is There Another Option?

Having traveled the breast cancer journey, I want to share that a mastectomy may not always be necessary.  A second opinion can give you a different perspective.  A lumpectomy may be all that is required.

When I went in for my surgery, we discussed a lumpectomy as my lump was small.  In my research, I had learned that it was possible to have a clause written into the Surgical Release Form that you wanted to be woken up and informed if they felt a mastectomy was required.  I did this.

In the end, my surgeon would have performed a mastectomy which would have necessitated wearing mastectomy bras with inserts unless I chose reconstructive surgery.  He felt he didn’t get clear margins.  A follow up and second opinion with the cancer team indicated that my continuing treatment – radiation and chemotherapy – would get whatever was left.  So, I never had a mastectomy even though my small lump had spread to 13 out of 22 lymph nodes – and I’m still here with no recurrence – 23 years later and counting.

It pays to be informed and be assertive with your own treatment plan.  You can also find out more at our sister site –



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