Sprouting Grains for Health – An Old Idea Back

Green-Peas-WmkI remember years ago when my kids were young sprouting seeds which I would put in salads, sandwich fillings, casseroles, etc.  We had the jars with the mesh lid and the tiered sprouting trays.  I tried and used them all.

When my youngest was little, I used to fill up a cup with mung beans for his snack.  He thought they were awesome – fresh, crunchy and filling.  I didn’t tell him they were healthy.  Why ruin a good thing.

For a while, no one seemed to be doing this anymore.  You could buy sprouts in the superstores but they definitely are not as fresh and tasty as the ones I sprouted at home.  And, it was so easy.

Sprouts are a wonderful, healthy, versatile and nutritious food that fights cancer.  It’s easy, inexpensive and something your children could do as a learning experience. How about trying these organic sprouting seeds – alfalfa, barley grass, broccoli, buckwheat, French lentil, mung bean, radish, red clover, sunflower, sweet green pea and wheatgrass.  The sky is the limit.



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